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“This grown man’s ego and pride is so fragile”: MrBeast Gets a Nightmare Response After Ugly Back and Forth With a YouTuber With 30 Million Subscribers

MrBeast Gets a Nightmare Response After Ugly Back and Forth With a YouTuber With 30 Million Subscribers

Jimmy Donaldson, also popularly known as MrBeast, has managed to become one of the most recognized faces on this planet after accumulating over 180 million subscribers on his main channel alone, making him the most subscribed individual yet in the history of YouTube.


However, all this fame brings fragility and a possibility of everything crashing down one day spontaneously, something which was about to happen to Donaldson in a recent feud with none other than Jacksepticeye.

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MrBeast Gets In Feud With Jacksepticeye

As stated earlier, the two YouTubers went at it earlier this week after a video was uploaded on the platform where Jacksepticeye admitted how MrBeast ruined YouTube, all while being connected to a lie detector machine.

In Septiceye’s own words,

Yes. Because it became more about views, money, and popularity than it did about having fun. If he had fun doing those videos, they’d be longer. We’d see the fun.


This statement was not taken well by MrBeast at first, however, a reply later to a tweet stating about the feud revealed how the two have talked it out, and are “Gucci Now“.

The YouTuber was seemingly quick to respond to this situation, which tells about how much he values his image and brand that he has worked hard to build for the past few years, and continues to do so.

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Social Media Users React To MrBeast vs. Jacksepticeye

The internet was quick to be divided against each other and pick sides. And it did not help Donaldson when he revealed how he thought Septiceye’s thoughts were “disrespectful“. This is something that in particular caused him to receive backlash from users on the internet, with one even calling him to be full of ego and someone whose pride is fragile. This is one of many comments that were passed along at the moment.

MrBeast called out for his ego and pride
MrBeast called out for his ego and pride

It was most probably the backlash that caused him to take back his words, and talk it out with Jacksepticeye instead. It is also worth noting that Jack is a close friend of Pewdiepie, another YouTuber who earlier held the record of being the most subscribed channel on YouTube and someone whom MrBeast personally looked up to.

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Written by Aaditya Chugh