“This is absolutely true”: Jennifer Lawrence Had to Text Kristen Stewart After Rumors of Her Affair With Nicholas Hoult Went Rampant In Forgettable Sci-Fi Movie

Jennifer Lawrence texted Kristen Stewart over her alleged affair with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult.

Jennifer Lawrence Had to Text Kristen Stewart After Rumors of Her Affair With Nicholas Hoult Went Rampant In Forgettable Sci-Fi Movie


  • Jennifer Lawrence has always been too candid, frankly and skillfully dismissing rumors and speculations as she goes on.
  • When rumors of Kristen Stewart's affair with her then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult went viral, Lawrence decided to directly text Stewart.
  • Despite cruel rumors, Lawrence had the last laugh when she revealed she had jokingly texted Stewart that she was jealous over the matter.
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Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely unabashed, unfiltered, and brutally honest in the nicest way possible. Apart from her incredible acting, the actress is best known for her incredible sense of humor and quirky persona that only seems to get better with time.

jennifer lawrence red sparrow
Jennifer Lawrence (in Red Sparrow)

While some may even regard her frankness as bizarre, Lawrence has never been embarrassed. After openly hating dieting or being too politically frank for a celebrity, the actress once also texted Kristen Stewart after rumors of her having an affair with Nicholas Hoult aka Lawrence’s then-boyfriend, went viral.

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When Jennifer Lawrence Texted Kristen Stewart Over Affair Rumors

Hoult and Stewart in a still from Equals
Hoult and Stewart in a still from Equals

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Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart were often pitted against each other during the early stages of their career. Especially after Lawrence started getting famous for the Hunger Games franchise and Stewart’s fame started gradually fading following the end of the Twilight franchise, many called out Lawrence for stealing Stewart’s place.

But things took a turn for worse when Lawrence’s then-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult was working with Stewart in the now-forgotten science-fiction romance film, Equals. Soon after (as expected) numerous rumors of Lawrence being jealous of Stewart working with her boyfriend began circulating.


Some even as far ahead to state that Stewart might be having an affair with Hoult, thanks to her already being infamous for her affair with the married director Rupert Sanders (via Irish Independent). However, Jennifer Lawrence being the person she is dismissed all these rumors in an interview with Marie Claire.

“There was something in a magazine, and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s hilarious,’ because Kristen and I are friends. I actually texted her a picture of it and was like, ‘Just so you know, this is absolutely true.'”

While most actresses would be bothered by such rumors, Lawrence remains unbothered and often even aids such rumors with her incredible sense of humor.

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Jennifer Lawrence Never Wanted To Be As Famous As Kristen Stewart

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
Lawrence was afraid of her Hunger Games fame

Jennifer Lawrence is among those rare gems who despite being young went on to achieve great accolades that most don’t even get nominated for despite putting in a lifetime of hard work. Her immense global popularity and fame were all thanks to her versatile performance in the Hunger Games series but it is her talent that has helped her climb higher and higher in Hollywood’s hall of fame.

But before the actress achieved such incredible stardom, she was too anxious and afraid to take this path all because of Kristen Stewart. After witnessing Stewart’s meteoric rise to popularity due to Twilight and her getting scrutinized basically every day in the media, Lawrence never wished to be as famous as Stewart and hence stated once (via Contact Music),

”I look at Kristen Stewart now and I think, ‘I’d never want to be that famous’. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if all of a sudden my life was pandemonium.”

Despite her becoming even more famous than Stewart, Lawrence continues to skillfully navigate through her fame almost in a way as if she was born to do it.


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