‘This is entirely untrue’: James Gunn Debunks Reports of Robert Pattinson’s Batman Replacing Ben Affleck in DCU

James Gunn Debunks Reports of Robert Pattinson's Batman
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James Gunn has been slowly formulating a way to figure out the entire ten-year plan for DC Films. Amongst the various rumors that have been circulating regarding the fate of the DC Universe, few that had been a bit more prominent than the others included Henry Cavill’s Superman leaving the franchise and Robert Pattinson’s Batman replacing Ben Affleck’s.

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When rumors came of Ben Affleck’s Batman not being a part of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, fans jumped to conclusions, stating that the actor possibly would not be a part of the franchise anymore, so as to get rid of any aspect that related to Zack Snyder and what he built. Gunn, however, is not one to see false news flying around.

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James Gunn Confirms That Robert Pattinson Will Not Be Replacing Ben Affleck As Batman

Variety recently reported as to how Ben Affleck is being replaced by Robert Pattinson as Batman in the DCU and his version would be taking over as the primary version of the character. The news was released on 14th December 2022 and it stated that Gunn was planning on choosing one actor over the other in order to slowly remove any trace of what Zack Snyder set up. This came as a surprise to many fans and even motivated them to create theories as to how Pattinson’s character could tie in with the Justice League.

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Ben Affleck as Batman

James Gunn, however, came across this news and clarified as to how the sources for the article were unaware of the situation and how the stated report was far from true. The planning of a newer direction for the DCU is still underway and with it, no confirmation has been made, leading to a lot of speculations happening from every angle. So far, it is still not sure what would happen to both versions of Batman, however, what has been confirmed is that neither would be replacing the other in any scenario.

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James Gunn Is Slowly Setting Up The New DC Universe

James Gunn's transparency as DC Studios boss received with unanimous praise
James Gunn

James Gunn has taken to Twitter to one by one find any news that may be far from what is actually cooking within the DCU and debunking it. He has made sure not to let rumors astray beyond fixing and has since been managing to not only build a plan that the fans would adore but also oversee that nothing spills too far. He is very clear on the fact that during this process, not all fans would be happy and not all would approve of his decisions, however, he is ready for it all as he and Peter Safran just wish to bring the best of what DC has to offer.

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