“This is the most f–ked thing I’ve ever heard”: Jack Nicholson Broke Into Tears After Knowing the Real Truth About His Sister That His Family Hid for Decades

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Jack Nicholson Broke Into Tears After Knowing the Real Truth About His Sister That His Family Hid for Decades

Jack Nicholson is among the most decorated and prolific stars in Hollywood. His prowess and excellence in acting have earned him fame and accolades alongside the global fandom. The Oscar-winning star has appeared in several groundbreaking movies including One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson

Like many stars, Nicholson also endured a bumpy road to success. The actor has some bewildered crazy stories including most detentions in school, roaming around naked, and of course, a bad break-up that wounded him badly despite being known as the ladies’ man in Hollywood.

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Jack Nicholson’s Heartbreaking Truth About His Mother

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson

A biography on Jack Nicholson Jack’s Life: A Biography of Jack Nicholson by Patrick McGilligan revealed several excruciating details of the beloved actor’s life. But the most fascinating of them all was the one that broke the actor into tears on many occasions. Belonging to a Catholic community, Nicholson’s family had to avoid the raised eyebrows when 16-year-old June Nicholson found out about her pregnancy in 1936. June’s parents then decided to raise the newborn as their own child. The parents kept the secret for far too long and the actor learned the truth only when his real mother— June— passed away. 

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When The Departed actor was 37, a reporter profiling his past life told Nicholson about the fact that his biological mother was actually his elder sister. The actor managed to hold off the journalist from publishing the story but he soon called his relatives for an answer. “Shorty, this is the most f***** thing I ever heard,” Nicholson’ said (via his biography Jack’s Life

“A guy calls me on the phone and says that my father is still alive, and that Ethel May wasn’t really my mother, that June was my mother.”

It was certainly a shocker to the actor as he even enquired about his real father. His relatives confirmed the truth about his mother, and not being able to find his father, brought the actor to tears.

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Jack Nicholson’s Devastating Break-Up

Jack Nicholson & Anjelica Huston in 1974
Jack Nicholson & Anjelica Huston in 1974

Nicholson and Anjelica Huston met in 1973 at a party at his house in Los Angeles, and the Oscar winner actor fell in love with Nicholson at the very first sight. The relationship extended until 1989, despite Nicholson cheating on her with other women. All hell broke loose when he got actress Rebecca Broussard pregnant. Huston beat Nicholson brutally around the head, as per her memoir. Of course, the Joker famed actor was the love of her life but he was not trustworthy for her. “It’s dangerous because you can get what you want with charm but it is devious,” Huston once said (via Sunday Moring Herald). However, he was “someone I have adored in my life and continue to love forever,” she added.

For Nicholson, the break-up was pretty devastating as well. “I was annihilated emotionally– that was probably the toughest period of my life,” he admitted. “I’m childish and I did make a mistake,” he added. 

The life of the 86-year-old actor is filled with turbulence, indeed. The actor is now retired after his five-decade-spanning career as an actor.

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