“This is why I watch sports”: Zoe Saldaña, Blake Lively and Salma Hayek Join Lionel Messi to Celebrate His Emotional World Cup Win Against France

"This is why I watch sports": Zoe Saldaña, Blake Lively and Salma Hayek Join Lionel Messi to Celebrate His Emotional World Cup Win Against France

There was something unusual cloaking the air of tension on the night of 18th December 2022. The effervescent smell of adrenaline mixed with emotion that comes before every World Cup match was already present in the farthest reaches of the planet, but this time, a supernatural conviction was guiding the people into swarming and huddling around a screen and watching history being made.

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In its aftermath, the ubiquitous laughter and the equally happy tears spilled over from the screens and into the gathering crowd outside. And for every celebratory scream, a fragment of closure was delivered to those who had waited 36 years for this exact moment.

World Cup '22
Argentina wins the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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Billions Unite to Watch Lionel Messi Make World Cup History

Lionel Messi redefined soccer when he ripped through the expanse of Lusail and carried Argentina to their first taste of World Cup victory in almost four decades. The quiet brilliance of the athlete was felt through and through in what is expected to be his final lap at FIFA and the exquisite performance that he leaves us with is one worthy of being remembered and revered for generations to come.

Argentina celebrates Messi's 98th goal for the national team
Argentina celebrates Messi’s 98th goal for the national team

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In a defiant show of will, talent, and experience, Argentina challenged the defending champion, France, in a mesmerizing battle that is deserving of a World Cup finale. The entirety of the 120 minutes that encapsulated the gratifying match was nothing short of electrifying in its 3-3 draw. As pulses kept escalating well into the Penalty Shootouts, Messi beautifully wrapped up the night, along with Dybala, Parades, and Montiel, in a 4-2 win against the admirable opposition put forth by France.


In the end, the world stood united last night in its overpowering sense of pride at the man who had bewitched the people ever since he first stepped into the limelight at the sobering age of 17.

Messi amazes in the brilliant showdown against France
Messi amazes in the brilliant showdown against France

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Celebrities Praise the Uncontested G.O.A.T. Lionel Messi

The early hours of 19th December 2022 were marked by a brimming onslaught of congratulatory notes from people all over the world and celebrities were not exempt from taking to social media to express their overbearing joy at Argentina’s third World Cup win. Among the innumerable people who were overwhelmed by the unparalleled sights of last night, some did find the words to form a thought coherent enough to congratulate Lionel Messi and celebrate the well-deserved win.


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Blake Lively - Instagram story
Blake Lively – Instagram story

The celebrity affair surrounding the match was seen from the early moments as Bollywood icon Deepika Padukone presented the World Cup trophy at the beginning of the World Cup showdown, and French President Emmanuel Macaron was seen being actively present (and highly energetic) throughout the 120 minutes of the finale as well.


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