“This isn’t even remotely true”: Disney Gets Surprise Fan Support After Being Accused of ‘Under-Promoting’ Hiroyuki Sanada’s Shōgun After Rave Reviews

Disney is receiving unexpected fan support despite criticism for not promoting 'Shōgun' well.

“This isn’t even remotely true”: Disney Gets Surprise Fan Support After Being Accused of ‘Under-Promoting’ Hiroyuki Sanada’s Shōgun After Rave Reviews


  • 'Shōgun' is getting a lot of attention because of its exciting story and interesting characters.
  • Recently, some people have accused Disney of not promoting the historical drama enough.
  • Despite this, fans continue to support the multinational entertainment studio.
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Based on the 1975 book by James Clavell, FX’s highly anticipated historical drama series Shōgun is a grand story set in feudal Japan over 400 years ago.


It’s set during a turbulent time in the country’s history, when it’s on the brink of war and John Blackthorne, a Western privateer, crashes his ship along the coast. In the series, Hiroyuki Sanada plays the smart and strong leader Lord Toranaga.

A still from Shogun (2024)
A still from Shōgun (2024)

Despite some people claiming Disney isn’t promoting Shōgun well, fans are actually backing the studio because the series received positive reviews.


Surprise Fan Support for Disney Despite Accusations of Lack of Promotion for Shōgun

Hiroyuki Sanada as Lord Yoshii Toranaga in a still from Shogun
Hiroyuki Sanada as Lord Yoshii Toranaga in a still from Shōgun

Recently, Hiroyuki Sanada‘s Shōgun is certified fresh at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is also described as the most transportive TV epic since Game of Thrones.

But lately, there have been accusations that Disney isn’t promoting the historical drama enough. There’s no denying that not many people are acquainted with the series yet, leading to claims that Disney isn’t effectively utilizing its marketing strategies.


Yet, fans are still backing the multinational entertainment conglomerate. When an X user (formerly Twitter) noted, “Disney are doing the rock bottom minimum to promote it. The streaming era of television fucking sucks,” several fans came forward to support the studio.

One user replied to the post, “it got a Super Bowl ad,” which means Disney is highly supportive of the series. Even this month, the Walt Disney Co.’s FX and Hulu bought a 30-second ad during Super Bowl LVIII to promote the much-awaited series Shōgun.

The 30-second Shōgun‘s Super Bowl trailer directed viewers to go online and watch its 2 1/2-minute trailer for the show. Disney Advertising sold 30-second Super Bowl spots for approximately $7 million. Check out some fan reactions:





People have different views on how Disney promoted the series. But regardless of that, one thing is for sure: The series is getting a ton of well-deserved praise.

The Historical Drama Shōgun Delights Audiences and Critics Alike

A still from Shogun
A still from Shōgun

Shōgun is praised for its detailed storytelling, as well as its set and costume design. It really immerses viewers into a vivid historical setting.

Not only viewers are giving it major props—but critics are all over it, too. Rotten Tomatoes Top Critic, Wall Street Journal’s John Anderson wrote:


“Shōgun has the look of money all over it — meaning it is visually lush, bountiful and believable; there is action aplenty, fountains of blood and enough characters to populate a fishing village.”

No doubt, the series has grabbed people’s attention with its adventurous story and well-developed characters. But some have criticized it for old-fashioned views on gender roles and explicit scenes, though.

Despite this, it shows how a good story can hook viewers, giving them a deep, immersive experience that illustrates why storytelling matters in historical dramas.

The 10-epidode series started airing on Tuesday, February 27th on Hulu in the U.S. and on Disney+ in all other territories. The first two episodes will be available on the premiere day, then a new episode will come out each week after that.


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