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“This little demon”: Ridley Scott Reveals DC Movie Not Part of James Gunn’s DCU Convinced Joaquin Phoenix is Perfect for Napoleon

Ridley Scott Reveals DC Movie Not Part of James Gunn’s DCU Convinced Joaquin Phoenix is Perfect for Napoleon

Ridley Scott’s revelation about the upcoming film, Napoleon, has set Twitter ablaze with excitement, anticipation, and lively debates. Fans are over the moon with the news, eagerly sharing their expectations and theories about the film’s potential plot and cast. 

The mere mention of Ridley Scott’s involvement in the project has ignited a surge of enthusiasm, as movie enthusiasts eagerly await his signature touch on the historical drama. However, critics have chimed in with their skeptical perspectives, voicing their concerns and reservations about the ambitious undertaking. 

Joaquin Phoenix Takes the Throne in Ridley Scott’s Epic Cinematic Coup

Joaquin Phoenix in and as Napoleon
Joaquin Phoenix in and as Napoleon

With Ridley Scott‘s track record of crafting cinematic masterpieces like Gladiator and Blade Runner, it’s no wonder that Napoleon has become the talk of the town, and audiences everywhere are eagerly counting down the days until its release. All thanks to the casting of Joaquin Phoenix as the iconic Napoleon Bonaparte. Ridley Scott’s decision to choose Phoenix has been met with thunderous applause, particularly after his spellbinding performance as the Joker in the 2019 DC film Joker

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Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott (Credit: Google)

Known for his exceptional eye for talent, Ridley Scott recognized in Phoenix the perfect blend of acting brilliance and magnetic cue to breathe life into the legendary French leader on the grand stage of cinema. With Phoenix’s uncanny ability to mesmerize audiences and effortlessly dive into intricate characters, expectations are soaring for his portrayal of Napoleon, turning the film into an eagerly awaited cinematic extravaganza like none other. Here’s what the fans have to share:

In a recent interview, Ridley Scott’s excitement was at its peak as he fondly reminisced about the moment that led to his decision. He stated:

“I’ll never forget watching Joaquin’s mesmerizing performance as the Joker. It was like a revelation! There was this raw, intense, and almost hypnotic presence on screen, and it struck me – this little demon is Napoleon Bonaparte! He not only resembles him physically but also exudes that captivating aura. I just knew in my gut that I had found my leading man.”

The fusion of a gifted actor and an iconic historical figure promises an unforgettable journey, where Joaquin Phoenix will seize the screen, taking us all on an extraordinary voyage into the mind and soul of Napoleon.

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Joaquin Phoenix and Ridley Scott’s Fateful Encounter

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix in and as Joker (2019)

Joaquin Phoenix mentioned that his decision to join the cast of Napoleon was driven by a deep sense of nostalgia and a yearning for an extraordinary collaboration with Ridley Scott once again. Recalling their previous work together on Gladiator when he was just a young actor, Phoenix expressed how that experience left a lasting impact on his career. The memories of the camaraderie and the creative challenges under Ridley Scott’s guidance drew him back to the idea of working together.

Joaquin Phoenix also revealed:

Having been approached by Scott for other projects in the past, none seemed to match the level of excitement and intensity that Napoleon presented. The prospect of taking on a demanding role while reuniting with Ridley appealed to me on many levels.

The mere thought of reuniting with the renowned director, Ridley Scott, set his creative spirit ablaze, reigniting a fiery passion for the craft. The allure of crafting cinematic magic once more with Scott by his side was an irresistible call that stirred excitement in Phoenix’s heart hinting towards an amazing display.

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