“This really makes me feel sick”: Jennifer Aniston Is Disgusted With Jamie Foxx, Cuts Ties With Him After His Anti-Semitic Post

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Jennifer Aniston Is Disgusted With Jamie Foxx, Cuts Ties With Him After His Anti-Semitic Post

Where there are celebrated film stars and famous personalities, people can bet their bottom dollar that some kind of conspiracy or controversy will follow that individual or group of individuals sooner or later. And with recent controversy that Jennifer Aniston finds her acquaintance in has made her take some drastic measures.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

With the recent post made by Academy Award-winning star Jamie Foxx on his Instagram page, his fans, along with many people from the public are angered by his extremely derogatory and demeaning comments, which also involves the FRIENDS star. And it seems like she’s ready to cut ties with him after this incident went viral.

Jennifer Aniston Severs Bonds With Jamie Foxx After His Anti-Semitic Views

Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston
Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Aniston

While this might not be the first time that any star found themselves in a sea of controversies, this is definitely one of the cases where a star was part of a massive public outrage. This time, it was Oscar Award winner Jamie Foxx, who recently took to his Instagram to post a very controversial anti-semitic post along with a #fakefriends tag with it. Naturally, people not receiving this well would be an understatement, especially when the Hollywood actress and his former co-star was extremely offended by it.

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After it was found out that this post was liked by none other than Jennifer Aniston herself, the star who was cast alongside Foxx in Horrible Bosses, people were naturally angered by it and demanded answers. To clarify the situation, Aniston took to her Instagram and posted a recent story where she called out the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star for his hateful remarks on a particular religious group and also revealed that she couldn’t condone the comment no matter what, while also clarifying the reason she ‘Liked’ the post.

“This really makes me sick. I did not ‘like’ this post on purpose or by accident. And more importantly, I want to be clear to my friends and anyone hurt by this showing up in their fee- I do not support any form of anti-semitism. And I do not tolerate HATE of any kind. Period”

Therefore, she clearly stated that she was not supporting her former co-star and acquaintance in any shape or form as she herself despises hate speech of any kind, which could point to her severing all ties and connections with Foxx.

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The Jamie Foxx-Jennifer Aniston Connection

The cast of Horrible Bosses
The cast of Horrible Bosses

While both the stars have vpbeen part of the industry for a long time, the FRIENDS star met Foxx when they were shooting for their crime/comedy film Horrible Bosses. In this movie, Aniston plays the role of Julia, while Foxx played a criminal hitman named Dean Jones. They were well acquainted from this movie and reportedly became good friends as well. But with the latest fiasco, it seems like the friendship has taken a hit.

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