“This show was bad, Unwatchable even”: Game of Thrones Fans Are Frustrated After HBO Delays House of the Dragon 2’s Release Date to 2024 Summer

"This show was bad, Unwatchable even": Game of Thrones Fans Are Frustrated After HBO Delays House of the Dragon 2's Release Date to 2024 Summer
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House of the Dragon is a spin-off from the widely known and acclaimed show Game of Thrones which garnered millions of fans over its runtime. Game of Thrones set a new and higher standard for Television all over the world, with intricate stories, explicit scenes, exotic locations, and world-class CGI. HBO helmed the big-budget show it continues to helm the spin-off as well which is more expansive and expensive in terms of the production budget.

Vhagar in House of the Dragon.

Season one of House of the Dragon was released on August 21, 2022. Audiences were scared it is yet another money grabber but HOTD proved otherwise. The first season is slow-paced and intense, for many, the first few episodes might seem outright boring, especially to the newer audiences. The first few episodes will you reminiscent of GOT season one when we did not know where exactly is it all going.

Casey Bloys confirms House of the Dragon Season 2 will release in 2024

House of the Dragon

Casey Bloys confirmed that House of the Dragon season 2 will release in the summer of 2024. He also hinted that it might not get considered for 24’s Emmy nominations which means Season 2 will begin after 31st May.


When Casey Bloys was asked about the delay in HOTD the CEO coyly said,

“My philosophy is a good script is number one priority. I am not doing it based on wanting to have one a year, two a year. I want to do it based on the scripts that we’re excited about.”

Games of Thrones became a franchise over a period of time, after HOTD there are more spin-off that are under-development. Jon Snow’s character might recieve one too which will be exciting given that his character rode off into the freezing North to guard it.

Games of Thrones Jon Snow.

His adventures and survival in the North would be worth a show, and it would bring Kit Harington back on-screen as Jon Snow. But like the character on-screen we know nothing either about the spin-off other than the fact that it is under-development.


“Remember to get ‘House of the Dragon’ following up from ‘Game of Thrones,’ we developed a lot of shows, shot a pilot, developed a bunch of scripts and we got ‘House of the Dragon. To do that again is going to take the same amount of effort. You have to develop a lot of things, try things.”

He added,

“You never know what’s going to work. So we’re currently doing that. I’m not opposed to any number of shows. There’s probably a natural limit to how many fans want, but I’m open to any as long as we feel really good about the scripts and the prospects for a series.”

CEO Bloys is not impatient about any of these things, he is more than willing to give time to the next season and or a new spin-off. The cast of season two has not been announced yet, season one had a star-studded cast with Matt Smith taking a central role as Daemon Targaryen and Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra.

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Fans criticize House of Dragon as season 2 gets delayed

Fans are not as patient as Casey Bloys, the news of delay has disappointed fans all over the internet. Many took to twitter to criticize the show and its poor quality. HOTD’s slow-pacing and crammed storylines did not sit well with many, these criticisms spilled over with the frustration of the show getting delayed.

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It looks like a third season of House of the Dragon is far from certain, even if season 2 is on the way and ought to premiere on television by the end of 2024. There are many tales to be told and characters to explore in the universe George R.R. Martin built, but it’s possible that the Game of Thrones storylines will remain on the page. It’s likely that HBO’s upcoming epic series, House of the Dragon, may follow in the footsteps of other failed and short-lived programs.

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House of the Dragon season one is streaming on Disney+.

Source: Variety


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