“This sh*t about to make more than The Flash”: Patrick Wilson’s Insidious 5 Earns 7.5X More Than it’s Production Budget

Patrick Wilson's Insidious 5 Earns 7.5X More Than it's Production Budget
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In the unpredictable world of the box office, the underdog often steals the show. The recent performance of Insidious 5: The Red Door and The Flash movie is a prime example of this phenomenon. Despite its modest budget, Insidious 5 has surpassed expectations, raking in over $120 million worldwide. On the other hand, despite its star-studded cast and hefty budget, The Flash has failed to make a significant impact. This surprising turn of events has intrigued audiences and critics alike, prompting a deeper dive into the success of Insidious 5 and the shortcomings of The Flash.


The Unanticipated Success of Insidious: The Red Door

Insidious 5
A still from Insidious 5

Insidious 5: The Red Door has proven to be a dark horse in the race for box office dominance. With a budget of just $16 million, the film has already grossed over $120 million worldwide, a remarkable feat in the current climate of the film industry. The return of Patrick Wilson, not only as a star but also making his directorial debut, has been a significant factor in the film’s success.

Critics and audiences alike have praised the film for its compelling storytelling and effective scares, breathing new life into the franchise. The film’s ability to rejuvenate the series’ familiar themes and tropes with a fresh perspective has resonated with viewers, contributing to its impressive box office performance.


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The Flash: A High-Budget Misfire

The Flash
A still from The Flash

In stark contrast, The Flash movie has been a disappointment. Despite its high-profile cast and substantial budget, the film has struggled to connect with audiences. Critics have pointed to a convoluted plot, lack of character development, and an over-reliance on special effects as key issues.


The film’s failure to effectively leverage its source material has been a significant setback for the DC Extended Universe, grappling with inconsistent success in its cinematic releases. The film’s underperformance has sparked widespread speculation and discussion, underscoring the importance of strong storytelling and character development in filmmaking.

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A Tale of Two Films: Comparing Insidious 5 and The Flash

Patrick Wilson Insidious 5
Patrick Wilson in Insidious 5

The contrasting fortunes of Insidious 5 and The Flash offer valuable insights into the dynamics of the film industry. Despite its smaller budget and less star power, The Red Door has outperformed The Flash by delivering a compelling, engaging film that resonates with audiences.


The success of Insidious 5 serves as a testament to the power of solid storytelling and effective character development. On the other hand, despite its resources, The Flash has failed to captivate audiences, highlighting the pitfalls of prioritizing spectacle over substance.

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As the dust settles, the performance of these two films serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of the box office and the enduring appeal of compelling storytelling.


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