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“This will serve as Phase One of DCEU”: The Rock Claims Black Adam Begins ‘New Era’ in DCEU in Exact MCU Style After Claiming He’s Not Copying Marvel

dwayne johnson black adam and mcu

Over the past few months, DC Extended Universe’s Black Adam has been the talk of the town thanks to the lead actor keeping the fans hyped up for the release. Whether it is hinting at the return of fan-favorite Superman or consistently tweeting about the film, Dwayne Johnson certainly knows how to promote a movie.

Black Adam Dwayne The Rock Johnson 2
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

His claims about Black Adam becoming the starting point of a whole new era in the DCEU have led fans into believing that what they are going to see on the big screens soon enough will be like nothing DC has done before. Even though Dwayne Johnson has repeatedly stated that the ‘new era’ is not inspired by Marvel, his recent tweet might beg to differ.

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Is Black Adam ‘Phase 1′ of the New DC Era?

Dwayne Johnson
The Rock at Black Adam premiere

In a recent tweet, Dwayne Johnson while replying to Cinema Tweets’ praise for Black Adam, stated that the movie marks Phase 1 of storytelling in the much darker superhero universe. Fans couldn’t resist noticing the inclusion of a word in his tweet that Marvel is known to use.

On one hand, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is divided into different phases, with currently working on Phases 4 to 6 focusing on the Multiverse Saga with movies like Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. And on the other hand, the DCEU has never used any term to sort their movies into sections. That is, apparently till now. 

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Will DC Follow Marvel’s Footsteps?

Black Adam
Black Adam

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While talking to the NY Times, the Red Notice actor confirmed that while there is undeniable pressure on Black Adam, owing to the DCEU’s incredible success rate, he is confident with the direction the movie is going into. He also stated that for DCEU to be able to embrace this change, it’s necessary to not compare it with Marvel.

“I feel very confident about the direction of the DC universe. It is going to require real strategy and real leadership. And that requires us not to look at Marvel’s success and say, let’s follow that blueprint. That’s Marvel. I’m very happy for them. We don’t want to be Marvel, in my opinion. We want to be DC and we want to do it our way.”

However, now with him using the term that could be said to be Marvel’s trademark, DC might be following Marvel’s blueprint after all, even if it is a small term. Fans must also keep in mind that Dwayne Johnson’s tweet might not even have any foundation behind it. It is quite possible that DCEU will not be sorting their movies into phases, and that the tweet was just all talk. 

DC has always chosen a different path as compared to the MCU. Both the superhero universes have thrived in their separate lanes for all these years. Even though some elements here and there might seem to be a bit similar, both universes have a widely varying approach to how things work in their studios.

Black Adam hits theatres on October 21, 2022.

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