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‘Thor 3 and 4 looks like Taika Waititi made it out of spite’: Diehard Thor Fans Fighting Back Comic Tone of Ragnarok and Love and Thunder, Claim Kenneth Branagh’s Thor 1 is Better

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Back when Kenneth Branagh wasn’t making movie adaptations of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels like Death on the Nile, he was making the fourth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase One, Thor, which was follow up on Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2.

The 2011 Thor movie was met with critical and commercial success on the dawn of its release, with special praise for the humor and wittiness of the movie, it even drew comparisons to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. Fast forward to 2022 and 11 years later, we’ve had three new movies based on the Norse god added to the MCU, and fans still believe that Branagh’s work on the 2011 movie was far superior than any of the new ones.

Thor FandomWire
Chris Hemsworth in Thor

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Thor 1 Is Still The Standard For Fans Of The Character

Taika Waititi‘s adaptation of the movies based on Thor- Ragnarok & Love and Thunder didn’t sit too well with fans of the character.

A major criticism was pointed towards the unnecessary and over-the-top humor of both movies, but while Ragnarok was still praised for its exciting and fun plot, Love and Thunder didn’t get the same praise, with some dismissing it as Ragnarok redux.

Thor FandomWire
A still from Thor: Love and Thunder

Regardless of what you may think of the other three Thor movies, it is still Thor 1 that takes the cake in terms of quality for the fans, or the fans on Twitter at least.

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The criticism for Waititi’s movies comes after the disappointing aura created by the failure of Love and Thunder to live up to its predecessor. Here are some pretty funny tweets regarding the whole situation-

A direct hit at the over-the-top humor in the latest two movies-

Disney is the culprit-

Fans really think the humor is overdone-

This user is going all out on Waititi’s latest Thor movie-

While Love and Thunder did kind of mark a fall in quality from its predecessor, it was still a commercial success as it became the sixth-highest-grossing movie of 2022. Disney’s still filling their pockets with money!

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Here’s How Thor: Ragnarok Inspired She-Hulk Director

Much like Taika Waititi’s last two Thor movies, Jessica Gao’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been the subject of criticism for how not serious the show is.

The lighthearted tone of the TV show only makes sense though, because one of its directors took major inspiration from the first Thor movie that Waititi worked on.

Thor FandomWire
A still from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

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Anu Valia, who recently worked on the fifth episode of the TV series, spoke about what she took inspiration from to direct the episodes on the Friends From Work podcast-

“I was looking to what Taika Waititi did with [Thor: Ragnarok]. Like, he balanced that so well. I think that was maybe, out of the Marvel films, that was like the most forefront of my mind.”

” Even the technical thing of like improvizing with a CGI character, that type of stuff. So personally, that movie was on my mind a lot. But I can’t say that I created the tone or anything, but it was sorta like building off.”

The nine-episode TV series based on Jennifer Walters still has four episodes to go. With Valia still set to work on the upcoming sixth and seventh episodes, so maybe we can get some of the exciting bits from Ragnarok as well!

All of the Thor movies in the MCU are currently available for streaming on Disney+.

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