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‘I’ll trust Rotten Tomatoes only when it’s Ben Affleck movie’: Fans Blast MCU Stans For Defending Thor: Love and Thunder Dismal RT Score, Call It Double Standards

Fans Blast MCU Stans For Defending Thor Love and Thunder Dismal RT Score Call It Double Standards

Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth installment in the Thor franchise of MCU. It was one of the most-awaited Marvel movies of the year and fans seemed quite excited about it. As Taika Waititi had said in an interview that the movie would be better than his previous Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Ragnarok was said to be a big change in the theme of Thor movies after the huge failure of Thor: The Dark World. But looking at the early reviews and Rotten Tomatoes score, the movie did not manage to live up to the expectations.

Thor: Love and Thunder receives low Rotten Tomatoes score
Thor: Love and Thunder receives a low Rotten Tomatoes score

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Thor: Love and Thunder receives a low Rotten Tomatoes score

MCU stans come to rescue Thor 4
MCU stans come to rescue Thor 4

Currently, Thor 4 has received a 71% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is quite low compared to its predecessor, Thor: Ragnarok which received a 93% score. Only closely beat the low score of Thor: The Dark World (66%). The review count so far is around 130, while many are in drafts, waiting to be published. Before the movie comes, the fans are surprised by the low ratings as they had high hopes for this one.

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Now, certain MCU stans have taken Twitter to rescue the movie. Many of them claimed that the audience should not trust the ratings of Rotten Tomatoes. They have hopes that the movie would actually be amazing as there are many reviews that say that. Some quoted some examples of movies that had been given a low score but were actually good. But they got trolled by some others.

Fans trolls stans for saying not to trust Rotten Tomatoes

Netizens troll the MCU stans for not trusting Rotten Tomatoes
Netizens troll the MCU stans for not trusting Rotten Tomatoes

The netizens are back to retort the MCU stans for them not trusting Rotten Tomatoes. One of them even fished older tweets of one of them to compare and made a comment on the same saying, “but you do only when movies are being directed by Ben Affleck.”

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There were many similar tweets that followed suit, trolling the stans.


The Taika Waititi-directed movie has been in the news with mixed reviews from critics and the early audience, many said to have liked it, while others called it even worse than The Dark World. Once the movie gets its theatrical release only then the fans would know for sure how the movie turned out to be.

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Thor: Love and Thunder comes out on July 8, 2022, in the US.

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