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Time Travel Comedies Who Tried Being The Next Back To The Future Before ‘The Adam Project’

Time Travel Comedies Who Tried Being The Next Back To The Future Before The Adam Project

The Adam Project, starring Ryan reynolds, may be the talk of the town for enthusiasts of time travel comedies right now. But it is only the recent-most entry in a long line of time travel comedies that have tried to replicate the success of Back To The Future.

The Back To The Future trilogy is a saga of fun, exploration, time travel, and suspense. It is family friendly and an evergreen entertainer. These movies have come pretty close to becoming the next Back To The Future. some of them you know of. Some you might be hearing for the very first time. without further ado, let’s get cracking.

These are THE time travel comedies to watch out for.

Groundhog Day Explores A Sci-Fi Romantic Angle

time travel comedies like the adam project
Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

Well it was not your typical time travel movie. Instead, there was a time loop to boot. Bill Murray delivers his career best in this loopy, funky, and quirky time travel comedy. Bill Murray plays a weary, wayward Weatherman who keeps living the same day over and over again. He has no idea why it is happening and how to make the time loop end so that he could get out of this cosmic hell. Groundhog Day differs from Back To The Future in the sense that is focuses on the romantic angle, not specifically on the time travel element. Whatever Groundhog Day loses out on special effects, it more than makes up for it in its fun, and subtle dark elements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel Is One Of The Best British Time Travel Comedies

time travel comedies like the adam project - faq about time travel
Chris O’Dowd in FAQ About Time Travel

The premise is pretty simple. A man observes his fate in the future and decides to do everything he can to change it. Ray is your average neighborhood dude who stumbles into a time portal and sees his own future. His knowledge of his own fate changes him. Then along with his friends, he decides to go on a time travel adventure and understand the rules of time travel, all in the hope of changing his fate. To be honest, this British sci-fi is one of those time travel comedies that aren’t for everyone. British humor is an acquired taste but if you can look past that, this movie can keep you hooked from start to finish.

Men In Black 3 Uses The Time-Travel Element Well

time travel comedies like the adam project - MIB 3
Will Smith in MIB 3

The Men In Black series needs no introduction. Barring the colossal failure that was Men In Black: International, the rest of the movies in the series have done a commendable job at building a viable cinematic universe. Men In Black 1 and 2 were purely about aliens trying to infiltrate the planet for their own reasons. Men In Black 3 went an entirely different route. It sent Will Smith’s character on a time travel adventure that saw him being transported back to the golden age of America as he must stop an alien enforcer before the world comes to an end. It is one of those time travel comedies where it’s a literal race against time.

Idiocracy Is One Of The Most Underrated Time Travel Comedies

time travel comedies like the adam project - idiocracy
Luke Wilson in Idiocracy

Not many have heard of this movie and not many ever will. Idiocracy is cursed to remain underappreciated till the end of time. Technically it is not one of your typical time travel comedies. The story revolves around Joe, who is put in a hibernation program and wakes up 500 years into the future. The people of the future are dumb, like literally dumb. The technology has progressed so much that the human will to evolve and progress has been numbed down and now our average Joe is the smartest man on the planet. Idiocracy is a movie everyone needs to watch for the sheer heck of it. But sadly, this list may be the first time some of you are even hearing about it.

Land Of The Lost Shows Will Ferrell At His Absolute, Mind-Numbingly Best

time travel comedies like the adam project - Land of the Lost
Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost

If you haven’t watched Land of the Lost yet, you are missing out. You are missing out on a lot. It is like a stoner comedy got fused with one of those typical fantasy, time travel comedies and the result was absolutely hilarious. Ferrell plays a paleontologist Rick Marshall, who gets transported back in time to a land of dinosaurs, lizard people, and weird, horny cavemen. Along with him are his two allies. Danny McBride plays Will Stanton, a total bumpkin.And then there’s anna Friel, who plays Holly Cantrell. Things get as weird and funny as you would expect.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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