Times Katara Was More Likeable Than Toph in Avatar: The Last Airbender


The show, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a fantasy series that stars the Avatar, Aang the Airbender. Aang has the duty to save the world from Lord Ozai’s wrath and to end the hundred-year war. To meet this challenge, Aang needs friends and allies. Fortunately, he has them in the form of Katara, Sokka, and Toph Beifong.

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Now, among all Aang’s allies, Katara holds a special place. She has over time, endeared herself to audiences with her likable acts and attributes. We take a closer look at a few instances when she rose to the occasion and acted kind/ noble. What is your opinion of her? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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1. When Katara Defeated Hama

We list the times when Katara was more endearing than Toph
Katara in combat

Once, in the episode “The puppetmaster” Katara met Hama, a fugitive Water Tribe member. She was excited and happy at first, but quickly learned that he was a bloodbender and a villain. Putting up a brave and confident face on the occasion, she fought back and defeated Hama. She even learned bloodbending herself. Despite this, she rejected evil and the existence of bloodbending and had it outlawed years later.


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2. When She said Aang Was Like Family

We list the times when Katara was more endearing than Toph
Aang and Katara

Katra made a heartwarming gesture when she comforted Aang when he was at his lowest. When Aang returned to the Southern Air Temple, he found the signs of the battle that once raged there. He found the skeletal remains of Monk Gyatso who was once his best friend. This left Aang in a deep state of melancholy. At this point, Katara rushed to him and told him that he was like family to her and her brother. This kind act greatly endeared her to fans.


3. When She Freed Haru And His Grandfather

We list the times when Katara was more endearing than Toph
Katara freed Haru and his grandfather

She rescued Haru and his grandfather and became a hero in a valiant effort. Once, Katara and her friends visited an earth kingdom town. They discovered that all Earthbenders were captured. she got herself captured as an Earthbender and rescued everyone from the inside. this was undoubtedly one of her best moments ever.

4. When Katara Offered To Heal Zuko

We list the times when Katara was more endearing than Toph
Katara and Zuko

At one point, Katara and Zuko found themselves alone in the catacombs of Ba Sing Se. The two didn’t get along at first, but soon she saw the good in Zuko and made friends. She saw the burn scar on his face and offered to heal it with her precious spring water. this kind-hearted gesture greatly raised her in the estimation of fans everywhere.


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5. When She Stood up to Pakku

We list the times when she was more endearing than Toph
Katara and Pakku in combat

Finally, Katara showed how awesome and brave of a person she is when she confronted Pakku and made him change his ways. When Aang and his friends arrived at the Northern Water Tribe they were stunned to learn that the place had a number of regressive rules and policies. This included a culture where girls were prevented from learning combat-oriented water bending. Master Pakku refused to train her. however, she rose to the occasion and put up a brave face. this inspired Pakku to accommodate her in the training lessons with Aang.


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