Times The Flash Actually Showed Potential But Still Ended Up Missing The Mark

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After Arrow’s second season, The Flash debuted, becoming the second installment of the growing Arrowverse. The first season’s enigma was superbly designed and executed, establishing that the Reverse-Flash planned practically every action to secure his safe return to his time. The popularity of the series soared in its first season, according to the majority of the audience. Since then, The Flash has increasingly deteriorated in terms of performance and creativity, with the occasional spark. Sure, the show is still fun, but there have been a lot of possibilities that were lost. Let’s have a look at a few of them:


1. If the Flash Rogues could have come as one squad:


The Rogues are the Flash’s most fanatical foes. This squad can be as large as ten enemies or more in the comics. The Flash TV series presented these villains one by one, with team-ups like “Family of Rogues” and “Running to Stand Still” highlighting their interactions. Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Rainbow Raider, and a slew of other characters make up the Rogues gang from the comic books. Unfortunately, now we will never get to see a Rogue team-up on The Flash since some of these figures died in the Arrowverse.


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2. If Flashpoint could have featured for more than a single episode:

The Flash and the Reverse Flash
The Original Flash and the Reverse-Flash.

Barry accidentally interrupts the history as he journeys back to the past to prevent the Reverse-Flash from murdering his mother, resulting in Flashpoint. In the comics, this storyline has massive repercussions, altering the history of the whole DC comic universe. The consequences of Barry’s time travel are addressed all through the season on television, although viewers only witness the altered Flashpoint reality for one episode. However, due to the enormity and number of characters, the makers were obviously unable to properly recreate the Flashpoint storyline.

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3. If Barry would have been the only metahuman on Team Flash:


Barry was Team Flash’s lone superpowered member when The Flash first debuted. In some time,  Caitlin turned into Killer Frost, Cisco became Vibe, and almost everyone developed abilities as the plot unfolded.  Because of the increased amount of metahumans on Team Flash, Barry’s prominence was reduced, and the narratives suffered as a result. The show should have restored the team’s dynamic after “Flashpoint,” and the Crisis incident, and put Barry back in the limelight.

4. If Eobard Thawne’s original timeline would have been better established:

Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash in the Flash show.
Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, played by Matt Letscher.

The audience doesn’t know a lot about Reverse-Flash’s timeline outside of a few bits of dialogues during Season 1. In those glimpses, fans have seen the Flash from the original timeline. In the season 1 conclusion, the original Flash actually advised Barry not to save his mother. Since the show hasn’t ended, this isn’t technically a missed chance, but seeing Eobard Thawne’s destiny and the era he grew up in would be intriguing. Furthermore, concluding the show the same way it began, with Barry chasing Thawne backward in history, would make a beautiful time loop for the entire franchise.


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 5. If the Cult of Savitar could have played a bigger role:

The cult of the "God of Speed", that was led by Alchemy, on The Flash TV show.
The cult of the God of Speed, which was led by Alchemy, among the other acolytes.

The Cult of Savitar appeared in the early part of Season 3 and idolized Savitar, a deity of speed. Faceless henchmen existed in the group, and fans expected Alchemy to play a far greater role than he did. The Cult of Savitar in comic books is significantly more intriguing than the one seen in the show. In the comics, Savitar took the Flash’s abilities and handed them to his cult, the Thunderbolt Agents, a gang of ninjas. Isn’t a legion of speedsters ninjas rather awesome?

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