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‘Tinker Bell is blonde. They still gave Ariel red hair’: Racist Trolls Start ‘Not My Tinker Bell’ Campaign after Yara Shahidi’s First Look as Iconic Disney Pixie in ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’

'Tinker Bell is blonde. They still gave Ariel red hair': Racist Trolls Start 'Not My Tinker Bell' Campaign after Yara Shahidi's First Look as Iconic Disney Pixie in 'Peter Pan & Wendy'

Disney has grown quite synonymous with the practice of bringing their beloved animated classics into the medium of live-action. And following the trend,1953’s iconic Peter Pan is inching toward its live-action debut, but the revelation of Tinker Bell’s actress in the trailer of Peter Pan and Wendy has sparked some controversies around it.

But even though fans of the original movies are excited about the modern-day adaptation of the classic Disney fairytale, some Twitter users have shared their distaste over the casting for the character of Tinker Bell.

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Peter Pan and Wendy
Peter Pan and Wendy

The upcoming Peter Pan and Wendy will witness a different interpretation of Tinker Bell

In many modern adaptations of previously established IPs, the change of distinct features of the existing characters during their shift into the new one has become a quite common practice in modern Hollywood. And with the release of the trailer for Disney’s upcoming Peter Pan and Wendy, it seems that Miss Bell will not comprise her signature blonde hair and will be played by the actress Yara Shahidi.

And even though many fans have been open to the new interpretation of the classic character, some racist trolls haven’t shied away from taking a dig at a casting choice for the character.

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Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell
Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell

Twitter erupts after witnessing Yara Shahidi in the role of Tinker Bell

Disney isn’t new to garnering hate from racist trolls over their modern interpretation of the pre-established characters, including the backlash from their casting of Haile Bailey as Ariel. And following the recent reveal of Yara Shahidi’s Tinker Bell, the studio has once again garnered a plethora of criticisms towards it.

Following this reveal, there has been a plethora of racist trolls, who are spewing hate for the character of Miss Bell not being the white-skinned fairy with blonde hair. But many fans have come forward in defense of the movie by calling out these racist trolls for their nonsensical outburst.


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Yara Shahidi
Yara Shahidi

Apart from these racist trolls and their nonsensical arguments, some fans are genuinely concerned over the upcoming movie’s quality, considering Disney’s previous attempts of bringing their classical characters into the live-action. And even though most of them were box-off successes, fans have argued that they didn’t carry the same quality as their predecessors.

And with the new live-action adaptation of the classical Disney fairytale just on the horizon, fans will hope that the movie does justice to its source material and provide a great experience.

Peter Pan and Wendy will premiere on Disney Plus on April 28, 2023.

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Written by Santanu Roy

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