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Tom Cruise’s Gargantuan Salary From Top Gun: Maverick’s Stellar Success, Revealed

Top Gun: Maverick is blowing up and marked as a hit list at the box office, putting that aside, Tom Cruise is creating a new record, which might also help him to take huge earnings from this absolute blockbuster. As per reports, the actor has made $600 million at the global box office and has easily achieved the label of Tom Cruise’s 5th highest-grosser.

Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise
Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise

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Now coming back at its domination at the box office, Maverick bridged the half-a-billion streak within just two weeks of release! Now, it’s not too far to reach a billion. If that comes to pass, the sequel to the 1986 film will become Tom Cruise’s biggest hit ever.

This Is How Tom Cruise Could Make $100 Million in Addition to His $12.5 Million Salary

Tom Cruise's biggest blockbuster of the year
Tom Cruise’s biggest blockbuster of the year

Well, the success doesn’t stop here, it will also guarantee a massive paycheck for Tom Cruise. For the unveiling, the actor was settled with $12.5 million in advance for Top Gun: Maverick. Not only this but the actor will also be getting 10% of the first-dollar total, as reported by the LA Times. That ultimately means that a short amount is given to the participants from the profit a film makes. Till now, Tom Cruise has earned around $30 million through the revenue of the movie Top Gun: Maverick. We must say that the movie has a good grasp at the box office and it’s reflecting a progressive growth. If this continues further, there will be opportunities for the Joseph Kosinski directorial to reach the bulk amount of $1 billion!

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Meanwhile, the movie has been verified to be a successful hit, the question comes to our mind will there be a third party? Recently, Joseph Kosinski talked about the same matter and announced that it all depends on Tom Cruise. Joseph Kosinski also said that if the actor is up for making a threequel, then it might be possible. Additionally, even the Paramount CEO talked about the same and revealed it.

Top Gun: Maverick reached the hit list of 2022
Top Gun: Maverick reached the hit list of 2022

This will be forever added to history that Top Gun: Maverick becomes the enormous takeoff of Hollywood star Tom Cruise’s career. Even after endless rescheduling due to the Covid pandemic, the movie breaks Box Office Record for Memorial Day weekend.


Top Gun: Maverick was released in theatres in the U.S on May 27, 2022. Now, you can stream Top Gun: Maverick online.

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