Top Gun Series Reportedly in the Works At Paramount+ After Maverick’s Box-Office Domination

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Top Gun: Maverick is booming at the Box Office. It has been spectacularly received by audiences everywhere. The film comes decades after the original film which came out in 1986. Top Gun 2 has proven to be one of the most special films of Tom Cruise’s career.

Top Gun Series Reportedly in the Works At Paramount+ After Maverick's Box-Office Domination
Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2

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What’s more, rumors are afloat that a Top Gun series is in the works for Paramount+. We dig deeper into this rumor in this article. Do you think a top Gun series on Paramount+ is a good idea? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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Top Gun Series Reportedly in the Works At Paramount+

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Top Gun Series Reportedly in the Works At Paramount+ After Maverick's Box-Office Domination
Paramount+, the logo.

According to the sources of the website, Giantfreakinrobot, such a series is under production and would be available on Paramount+. However, there is no official word on this, as of yet. Nevertheless, such a series makes obvious commercial sense. Top Gun 2 was fantastic at the Box Office and a series on the concept holds great promise. In fact, some may argue that it has success written all over it. The franchise is red hot right now, with Top Gun 2 still doing amazing at theaters.

This is the ideal time to launch a series based on Top Gun. Furthermore, Paramount+, the streaming service is lagging behind other competitors such as HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, etc. A Top gun series could be the content that shoots up the streaming service into prominence. While all this sounds good and rosy, remember, successfully transitioning from films to TV isn’t easy. Many have tried and failed. If such a series, based on the Top Gun franchise were to fail, it would tarnish its legacy. This series seems to be a high-risk, high-reward move. Let’s wait for the official word on this.


Source: Giantfreakinrobot

Top Gun: Maverick is running in theaters now.

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