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Tom Hanks Writes To Bullied 8-Year-Old Named Corona

Tom Hanks Writes To Bullied 8 Year Old Named Corona

This pandemic has affected every sphere of life. With no sector of humankind being sparred, there is another case of unfortunate trouble that has affected a boy named Corona.

What’s the story?

tom hanks actor
Tom Hanks made the day of Corona by sending a typewriter.

This incident revolves around Tom Hanks and a boy from Australia. The boy was bullied just because of his name. After Tom received a letter from the boy, he sent him a typewriter telling him to use it to send him his messages. Well, with this act of kindness, Tom has been praised in social media. Corona De Vries, in his letter, asks Tom and his wife about their health. The message goes on to explain his situation. He was at the receiving end of bullying over his name by his classmates. Although he loved his name, people calling him coronavirus made him very sad and angry.

Tom’s reply to the letter

Hanks has been praised on social media.

Replying to Corona, he appreciated the fact that Corona’s letter made him and his wife feel lovely. In his letter, Tom replied that he hoped that the typer writer would suit him. Adding on to that, he also asked him to learn how to use a typer writer from an adult. At the end of the letter, he writes that he had got a friend in Hanks. Well, that was undoubtedly very emotional!

Tom’s notable works

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We hope that the antibodies will help in the development of the vaccine!

This piece of good news comes after the Hanks, and his wife decided to donate their blood to help the researchers develop a vaccine. As the pair had contracted the virus, they carry some antibodies. Therefore, their help might be instrumental in the development of the vaccine. Currently, the duo is awaiting the vaccine results. Well, it is very grateful for Tom to think about the betterment of the world.

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