Tom Holland Gets Super Uncomfortable After Watching Zendaya Kiss Two Guys in ‘Challengers’ in a Viral Fanmade Video

Tom Holland Gets Super Uncomfortable After Watching Zendaya Kiss Two Guys in 'Challengers' in a Viral Fanmade Video
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Tom Holland and Zendaya are a dynamic duo in Hollywood, captivating audiences with their talent and undeniable chemistry. Both rising stars gained widespread recognition through their roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Beyond their on-screen success, their off-screen romance has also endeared them to fans worldwide.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya

While this beloved Hollywood couple may appear immune to challenges, but even they experience occasional moments of jealousy. The trailer release for Zendaya’s upcoming film Challengers showcased a scene where she shares kisses with two other actors, leading Holland to feel a twinge of unease.

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Tom Holland Gets Uncomfortable Watching Zendaya Kiss Co-stars

As Tom Holland, who has been in a relationship with Zendaya for more than a year, watched the fanmade trailer, a blend of amusement and unease washed over him. While he understood that Zendaya’s on-screen kisses were purely acting, it still unsettled him to witness her intimate moments with other actors.

Tom Holland in The Crowded Room
Tom Holland

Zendaya, alongside Mike Faist and John O’Connor, takes on the lead roles in the movie, portraying a successful teenage tennis player. The trailer includes a scene depicting the lead actors engaging in a threesome, unsurprisingly sparking a flurry of fan-generated memes on social media.

The film’s story revolves around a renowned tennis champion of Grand Slam caliber who decides to participate in a challenger tournament, where his opponent happens to be none other than his wife’s former lover and coach. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has slated the highly anticipated release of Challengers in the United States for September 15, 2023.


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Tom Holland And Zendaya Are Hollywood’s Beloved Couple

Since their initial encounter on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming back in 2016, Tom Holland and Zendaya have mesmerized the public eye. With their undeniable on-screen chemistry, the two actors swiftly forged a deep friendship. Nevertheless, despite constant rumors of romantic entanglement, they refuted such claims, adamantly asserting that their bond was solely platonic.

Tom Holland and Zendaya are Hollywood's most liked couple
Tom Holland and Zendaya are Hollywood’s most-liked couple

The confirmation of Holland and Zendaya’s relationship remained elusive until July 2021, when an intimate moment captured them kissing in a car in Los Angeles. As soon as the photographs emerged, they swiftly spread like wildfire across the internet, igniting a wave of excitement among fans eagerly awaiting the sight of the beloved duo united as a couple.


Tom Holland and Zendaya reign as one of the most adored couples, with a devoted fan base eagerly anticipating the next chapter of their relationship. As young and exceptionally gifted actors, their relationship harbors the immense potential for a fruitful and enduring partnership in their shared careers. Only time holds the key to unraveling the mysteries of Holland and Zendaya’s future, but one fact remains undeniable: they stand among the most cherished couples in the hearts of Hollywood enthusiasts.

Challengers will hit the theaters on September 15 and will later be available for streaming.

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