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Tom Holland’s Uncharted: First Look Pics Reveal Crucial Plot Details

For years, the Uncharted franchise tried is best to turn the game into a live-action adaptation. Naught Dog Studios looked for a studio for many months before Sony finally answered their call. Sooner than later, Sony roped in MCU’s Spider-Man actor Tom Holland to play the titular role of Nathan Drake for the Uncharted movie. Production for the movie began months ago. The COVID_!( Pandemic led to the movie’s schedule going haywire. Sony announced the movie has finally finished production. The Studio was hesitant to reveal anything that might give away the plot. Fans were finally given the first few images of Tom Holland on the movie’s sets. The pics reveal some major plot details the movie might be about to explore.

Uncharted has a summer 2021 release date. The movie finished filming right on schedule and within the deadline. To celebrate the wrap, many first look images and teases for the movie were released online. The image shows Tom Holland dressed in the garbs of Nathan Drake. A wrecked ship could be seen in the background with Tom Holland wearing Francis Drake’s decoder ring around his neck. The official synopsis for Uncharted is yet to be released by Sony. But the first look images do give us a clearer picture. Here’s what we have deciphered from the video.

What We Know So Far

The other images that were released along with Tom Holland‘s Nathan Drake were Ferdinand Magellan’s book and a mysterious sword stuck on the floor. Sophia Ali will be playing Chloe Frazer, Nathan Drake’s romantic interest in the movie. The shot-callers have already said the movie will remain faithful to the video games. From the looks of it, the movie will probably loosely adapt the storyline of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Uncharted 2 is widely regarded as the best Uncharted installment to the series. It is from this revelation that we come to the next logical conclusion regarding Nathan Drake’s quest.

The Mysterious Sword & Magellan’s book – What do they mean?

In Uncharted 2, an ancient explorer named Marco Polo played a rather huge role. The movie might be doing things differently. Instead of using Marco Polo, they roped in another famous explorer from the older times. Magellan was the first explorer to circumnavigate the world. He must have discovered some incredible secrets along the way.

Coming to the sword, we believe it bears a passive resemblance to the Phurba Dagger, the gold plated weapon that is the key to Nathan Drake’s quest in Uncharted 2.  The dagger is found by Nathan who then uses it along with other items to get to Nepal. There he unlocks a passage to a legendary, mythical location in the Far East.

Uncharted Will Be About the Search for the Legendary Lost City of Shangri-La

The Studio claims that Uncharted will be a prequel of sorts rather than the direct adaptation of a game. But the mysterious sword, Magellan’s book, and the ship-wreck in the background show that there’s a familiarity to it only fans of the Uncharted series could decipher. Nathan Drake is coming to Shangri-La.

The adventure Nathan Drake goes through in Uncharted 2 will be a great template for a movie story arc. The Studio is probably spinning a new yarn for coming up with a fresh plot for the movie. There will obviously be a lot of changes to the script to help it differentiate itself from the video game series. The quest for Shangri-La will be unique and breathtaking. Although this move could potentially backfire since the fans being able to guess the plot would mean the gamble would blow up on their faces. We still believe it’s a risk worth taking.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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