“Took that long enough”: Angela Bassett Finally Gets Her Hands on the Oscar After Being Snubbed for Black Panther 2

Angela Bassett finally received an honorary Oscar after being snubbed for Best Supporting Actress last year.

“Took that long enough”: Angela Bassett Finally Gets Her Hands on the Oscar After Being Snubbed for Black Panther 2


  • Angela Bassett has been nominated twice for an Academy Award in her career.
  • Many felt that she was snubbed last year for Best Supporting Actress for Black Panther 2.
  • She has finally received an Honorary Oscar and the actress is incredibly humbled to receive the award.
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Angela Bassett is one of the many powerhouse African-American actresses who has cemented their place among the top echelons of Hollywood. Basset has given some of the best performances ever seen in the history of American cinema in films like Malcolm X, The Rosa Parks Story, What’s Love Got to Do with It, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever among others.

Angela Bassetts mesmerizing turn as Tina Turner was nominated for a Oscar
Angela Bassett’s mesmerizing turn as Tina Turner was nominated for an Oscar

Her performances in the latter two earned her Oscar nominations. While she won Golden Globe awards for those performances, she lost out on her Oscar chances twice. The Academy has awarded her an Honorary Oscar for her incredible contribution to cinema over the years.

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The Academy Finally Gives Angela Bassett Her Long-Deserved Oscar

Angela Bassett was snubbed of anOsar for her incredible portrayal of Queen Ramonda in Black Panther 2
Angela Bassett was snubbed of an Oscar despite her amazing performance in Black Panther 2

Angela Bassett has been a huge inspiration for many African American actresses who have big dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Bassett was already nominated for two Oscars with many who felt that she was criminally snubbed by the Academy when Jamie Lee Curtis won over her in last year’s Oscars.

Now, The Academy is finally realizing the actress’s caliber and overall contribution to the industry as she has been given an Honorary Oscar. Fans took to X to celebrate this historic achievement with many deeming that this award was a long-deserved one for Bassett. Here are some of the reactions,

Bassett receiving an Honorary Oscar will make fans happy and is high time that the actress is appreciated for the hard work she has put in over the years through her work. She is now a proud Oscar-winning actress who has and will continue to enthrall audiences with her performances.


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Angela Bassett Thanks Fans for their Constant Love and Support Over the Years

Angela Bassett winning an Oscar is a long time coming
Angela Bassett winning an Oscar is a long time coming

Angela Bassett finally got her due recognition from the Academy as she earned an Honorary Oscar yesterday. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, The actress reflected on her journey in the industry and also gave a shout to fans for their constant support and for making something like this happen

Speaking to ET, Bassett thanked audiences for showering love on her over her decades-long career and also expressed that she is incredibly humbled to receive the award. She said,


“It’s been decades, right? Decades and decades, roles and roles, and blessings upon blessings. [To the] fans who’ve gone to see the movie and support it — I felt the love. “I’m getting chills now, but I felt the love all these years. I mean, they have prayed, they have fussed, they have written, they have had my back. So it feels really satisfying to receive this. I’m humbled.”

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On the work front, Bassett will star alongside Millie Bobby Brown in Netflix’s fantasy film Damsel which will be released on March 8, 2024. She will also voice the character Iphigenia in Travis Knight’s adaptation of the novel Wildwood.


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