Top 10 PS2 Games That We Still Remember

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Revisiting the PS2 is a big ride of nostalgic feelings and old memories. Although there were plenty of great titles from the early 2000’s, here are 10 that we chose to remember today.



Crazy Taxi


Although it wasn’t a particularly popular title, this game gathered a good group of fans who praised it for being wacky, full of character, and extremely fun to play. It was equipped with the classic styled split screen for multiplayer, tons of missions, and high speed adrenaline. 

B.D Joe was my favorite taxi driver.

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland

Tony Hawk’s games were a staple of this era. This game allowed you to skate in a 3D environment, perform tricks, and explore a big urban setting with nothing but your board. It included split screen, multiplayer, campaign, and tons of awesome obstacles. 

Combos for this game were pretty hard.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The classic GTA is always well appreciated. This was the beginning of the popularization of the GTA franchise, offering everything you’d want from an urban crime game. Many GTA fans enjoy revisiting it, simply for the great feel it managed to create. Stealth elements were great in this one, and it rocket launched the series into success. 

The classic GTA front cover remains legendary.

Resident Evil 4:


Few things are as creepy as RE4. If you were young back then, you may have paused the game a few times to get yourself together. This was by far one of the scarier additions to the Resident Evil franchise, giving us a terrifying ambient and a worthwhile mission and storyline. 

Looking back, maybe it wasn’t so scary going by today’s standards.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is extremely nostalgic to many. After all, there’s no better feeling than rocking out using a guitar control as you manage to hit all the right notes for a song. This was a beloved game of 2005, and managed to make many people’s childhoods into great memories. 

We all wish we could go back to shredding on GH.

Gran Turismo 4

As one of the better racers of this time, the Gran Turismo series offered PS2 players a speed-hungry experience. This game did everything right for its time, giving us great graphics, good progressions, and excellent physics for the generation. 

Vroom vroom.

WWE All-Stars


WWE was massively popular in the late and early 2000’s. Naturally, the corporation released a game to allow fans to live out their championship wrestling fantasies. This was a fun beginning to the WWE game franchise, and let us fully enjoy some PS2 body slams. 

The retro version looks similar to Street Fighter.

Spider Man

The nostalgia caused by some of the earlier Spiderman games goes pretty much unmatched. You were able to fight as the well-known superhero with top line graphics (for the 2000’s) and challenging settings such as skyscrapers. 

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can.

Silent Hill

Another extremely unnerving game came into play. It had pitch black rooms, dense fog, and completely horrifying scares to keep you on the edge of your seat. This was a revolutionary addition to the horror genre for video games, particularly in consoles. 

The hallways were terrifying.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted


NFS was a great urban-set racer that had the potential of  becoming a PS2 player favorite within no time. A fast space, great drifts, and beautiful vehicles made this game a shining achievement for the console and allowed us to feel alive with great controller vibrations and mechanics.

Drifts in this game were hard to master.


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Written by Emily Shadel

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