Top 10 Steam Games You Can Try For Free


Money doesn’t grow on trees, but we still want to have some fun. Here are the top 10 Steam games you can try completely free.

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Doki Doki Literature Club

This is a popular visual-novel game consisting of a cute literature club full of girls. Can you find your way into their hearts? Maybe, but you’ll have to make smart choices to get there. While it may seem like a simple dating sim, this free game is sure to surprise you with quite a few twists.

doki doki
Decisions, decisions.


This massive space-themed sandbox game is best known for its enormous array of features, including a ton of roles and customization features. It’s pretty difficult to describe just how huge this game is, so you may want to try it yourself.

What’ll be your next space adventure?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There’s always room for a good FPS in your life. This is Counter Strike’s fourth game and was developed over a period of 2 years. It’s team-based, has a ton of weapons, maps, and a great multiplayer. It’s generally a great shooter and

counter strikeee
Strike them down.


This is a stylish platform game with the same feel as Super Smash Bros. It’s 2D, but has great art, as well as some pretty awesome game mechanics. All-in-all, it’s a fun game to kill a few hours with, and is one of the best we’ve tried so far, considering it is completely free.

An adorably designed platformer.


Imagine an epic MMO with a Minecraft-like environment. This game features a great sandbox-based adventure you can play with your pals. Wield a ton of weapons and go after plenty of enemies in the Shadow Realm, for $0.00.

Who knew Minecraft could be meshed with an MMO?


Heavy Metal Machines


A good MOBA game has been long awaited in this list. Add cars, fast paced crashing, racing, and bombs. Your mission is to deliver the explosive to the other team’s base. Unlike other MOBAs, there are no minions or leveling up involved in the game play. Instead, you’ll upgrade outside of the game. Take on three different roles including interceptor, support, or transporter.

heavy metal machines
You don’t need your license here.




This is essentially a parallel story to Undertale, where you’ll play as Kris the human in an attempt to save the world. Hilariously enough, this game takes an alternate approach at story advancement, highlighting the fact that your choices don’t matter.

delta rune
Am interesting flip on Undertale.

Chill Corner

This is less of a game and more of a well-made ambient simulator. You can pick cute anime-styled characters, pets, backdrops, and a cozy room. Consider this your very own virtual corner away from the world, without spending any money.

chill corner
Wish my room looked like that.

Pet Idle

Tamagotchis are addictive for a reason. This is a similar game where you will take care of adorable animals, meet their needs, and build a comfortable home for all of them to reside in.

pet idle
Aw, so cute!


Halo Infinite


If you’re a fan of Halo but don’t want to spend money, you can always access multiplayer with free Halo: Infinite. Unfortunately, campaign mode is not available without some money, but we’re sure you won’t mind since the most developed part of this year’s Halo was indeed the multiplayer.

halo infinte
Great for all the Halo lovers.

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Written by Emily Shadel