Top 5 Ways Halo Has Evolved Since The Original

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Halo has been with us since early 2021 and is one of Xbox’s most successful franchises of all time. Follow us through the Halo journey and learn ways it has evolved since the first original and classic release.



Xbox’s first ever release of this franchise was Halo:Combat Evolved. Although this game had great FPS graphics for its time, the overall design has changed into a much higher definition in recent years. The original does not have as much detail or well designed backgrounds as the more modern versions. Halo has received huge graphical improvements in the short span of 10 years between the earliest releases up to Halo 3 and 4. The Master Chief Collection has also been buffed up for better aesthetic performance, after it was first put out into the world. The latest Halo: Infinite has impressed us with top-tier graphics and much more realistic game haptics.

Could your PC handle the latest Halo graphics?


Base weapons in Halo have primarily stayed the same, with the exception of a few new and exciting additions that have arrived to the franchise such as the Spartan Laser. This does not take away from the fantastic improvements these weapons have undergone with improved mechanics and much more satisfying sounds and explosions. Armor has taken huge changes and additional boosts have been added. Players have been able to carry single use equipment power ups that offer temporary offensive or defensive strategies, which have arrived in games like Halo:Reach.

Halo’s huge arsenal or weapons has kept players engaged for a decade.



Many new vehicles have been kept close to our hearts in Halo, such as the infamous Forklift. Vehicles like these have undergone great upgrades such as improved movement, cooler weapons, faster speeds, and different abilities. Since Halo:Combat Evolved, forms of transportation have definitely advanced from the smallest Spartan vehicle to insane extraterrestrial flyers of the Covenant.

Ride in extraterrestrial style.

Multiplayer Features

Halo has been both praised and heavily criticized for its various evolutions of multiplayer modes and features. While the early releases contained a simple split-mode option for heated battles, the most recent games since Halo 5 have focused primarily on providing great Xbox Live gameplay. Versions of the game have included a build mode, where you are able to customize the playing arena for your multiplayer campaigns. In Halo:Infinite, multiplayer customization options have expanded and you are able to thoroughly enjoy a game with friends in over 20 maps.

Do you prefer split-screen mode or Xbox Live?


At its simplest, Halo is a story of humans learning to colonize extraterrestrial planets and battling the dangerous threats of the Covenant. However, this game has added huge expansions to their lore since the base story, and have made great storyline advancements from Masterchief’s relationship with Cortana to the prehistory of bloody wars. Each game has added detail to the timeline, and you can easily find yourself interested with each new plot addition that has been released thus far. Moreover, dozens of books have been released that only seem to offer more and more bits of this universe to surprise fanatics and new players alike.

Halo lore has evolved with the game over the past 10 years.



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Written by Emily Shadel

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