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Top 5 Bottle Episodes on TV

Top 5 Bottle Episodes on TV

Whether it’s born from budget necessity or so the writers of a show can put their characters in a position to breed farcical situations and drama, the bottle episode has become a staple of television, with near enough every multi-season television show having at least one, so here we have my top 5 bottle episodes on TV.

5. Rixty Minutes – Rick and Morty


Usually known for its multiverse hopping antics, ‘Rixty Minutes’ has Rick creating a device that allows the family to watch any television show from any universe, all whilst sitting on their couch. Interspersing the ridiculous and zany television shows is the family using a device that allows them to see their alternate lives, which naturally follows onto an existential crisis for Jerry and Beth, as well as a horrible realization for Summer.

4. Remedial Chaos Theory – Community

Another one of the top 5 bottle episodes on tv relates to the multiverse, this episode centers around the gang sitting around a table, waiting for pizza to arrive. When the pizza arrives, naturally no one wants to get up, so Abed suggests a dice roll to find out who goes. What follows is the outcome of each dice roll, and whilst you’d think they’d all end up with pizza and sat at the table, the outcomes vary massively from that.

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3. The One Where No One’s Ready – Friends

My personal favorite episode of the show full stop, many great quotable and memorable moments were born from this episode. From Joey’s “I’m Chandler, could I BE wearing any more clothes?”, to the glass of animal fat and many more, who knew watching a group of friends get ready for a museum exhibit could be so engaging and flat-out funny?

2. The Box – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Guest starring Sterling K. Brown, this entire episode is centered around a murder of a dentist, and the prime suspect is his business partner, played by the aforementioned Brown. Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta and Andre Braugher’s Raymond Holt throw everything at the suspect to no avail, and with the constant reminder of how long they can hold the suspect for, it’s seemingly a mad rush to find the right approach. Filled with comedic banter between the two detectives, as well as a fantastic performance from Sterling K. Brown, this is up there as one of the best episodes of the series.

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1. Fly – Breaking Bad

top 5 bottle episodes on tv


Finally, in our top 5 bottle episodes on TV we have an entire episode stuck in a drug lab with the lovable, damaged Jesse Pinkman, and ‘I am the one who knocks’ Walter White? Sign me up. After cooking up yet another batch of crystal meth, the pair notice an irritating fly that Walter will not ignore. He has to get it out of the sterile lab.

What follows is an episode of discussions between the two, ranging from the now in remission cancer, to Jesse discussing his recently deceased girlfriend and his pain over it, to Walter almost admitting his involvement in the death. All of this was only made possible due to the creators being way over budget for that season… a lucky happenstance I suppose.

There we have it, my top 5 bottle episodes on tv. Any others you can think of? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

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