Top 5 Realistic Texture Packs for Minecraft

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Minecraft players have brought forth some absolutely mind boggling texture packs in recent years. Here are 5 of the most realistic 2021 texture packs, bringing your blocky world to a brand new front of depth and detail. 





This texture pack brings Minecraft’s original feel into play, using next generation graphics and visuals. You won’t be missing out on the nostalgic look, and can instead enjoy a very realistic version of all vanilla textures with highly detailed and stylized designs. NAPP is free and continues to receive updates, so you may want to stay tuned to watch it evolve into something even greater. It’s very pleasing to the eye and is highly recommended, as long as your specs can meet requirements. Credit goes to Jonathan Buchner for this fantastic pack.

Sunlight looks amazing here.

LB Photo Realism Reload

This photorealistic resource pack stays true to its name. You can experience an immensely attractive Minecraft world that will make your gameplay just that much better. The good news is that it’s completely free, while still being open to donations so you can support the creators. It also continues to receive updates much like the one discussed earlier. This one is recommended for high functioning PCs, as Minecraft isn’t optimized to work under such high resolution. However, you can give it a try as you won’t regret peering at the beauty it has to offer. 

True photo realism!

Battered Old stuff

An old timey texture pack arises with a feeling from the 1960’s. It was deeply inspired from the appearance of rust, and uses darker colors to make a rich appearance. It’s easy to underestimate this one, but we can assure you it’s worth giving it a shot. It has an open choice for resolution, so it is accessible to lower tier PCs and will work with most Minecraft versions. It isn’t one you want to miss, since it had a huge deal of work and attention put into it to assure a complete masterpiece. 

That picture alone should be convincing enough.

CemreK Realistic 


This one looks amazing with shaders. It is an HD texture pack that makes your world very easy to gaze at,  and has a really charming feeling to it. You can see the high efforts put into iy, simply by looking closely at a block. It is not entirely finished with development yet, and we will likely see further additions and improvements, such as the recently added sand and sand block textures. It’s worth noting that water also looks crystal clear and oddly alluring to look at. 

Your game could look just like this.

Realism Extreme

Realism Extreme goes above and beyond in what it offers. It will not only meet your expectations, but surprise you with stunning texture executions. It’s very likely you won’t want to try any other pack after using this one, simply because it’ll spoil you into believing all things should be built this well. You will need a PC with some strong hardware to handle it, but you can certainly enjoy it for a somewhat slower frame rate if you don’t own the best. Don’t forget to use shaders!

Almost would’ve thought it was real.


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Written by Emily Shadel

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