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Top 8 Redesigned League Characters in Arcane

You may be familiar with the champions in the game, but you’ll want to step back for these redesigned characters in Arcane. As one of the best MOBA games to come out of the early 2010’s, you can probably tell this new series was long overdue.



You might know of Vi, a hard-bitten champion that loves to punch. In Arcane, Riot has managed to add newfound depth to her story by giving her a well-deserved place in the spotlight. Redesigned Vi still sports her massive mechanical fists, with only slight differences in her face and body, making her look tougher and even a little bit more masculine. See for yourself!

This version seems to have higher focus on emotional expression.


Jinx is an all-time favorite among League players. You’ll be happy to hear we now have an extremely interesting backstory to her insanity and a well-done character redesign that leaves our mouths hanging wide open. Although her physical features did not change much, she was given a great voice actor and better-designed facial features and outfits. You’ll be glad to hear she still wields her crazy-huge rocket launcher in Arcane, as it becomes an important part of the plot in later episodes.

Arcane Jinx has become a popular champion skin in LOL.


Hold steady for Ekko, one of the coolest characters in Arcane. This popular champion has only appeared in the later episodes, but is still essential to the story and has been redesigned to be one of the most badass characters on the show. His ability to manipulate time was also explored a little, giving us something to look forward to for both League and Arcane.

Don’t cross paths with the Firelight leader.


Arcane Caitlyn has been redesigned without a top hat, and a newly fitted wardrobe making her significantly more street-fighting-worthy. It’s no surprise she was included in the series as she follows closely behind Vi. She has been given an interesting character development as she seems to be a bit of a misfit under her position of a guard.


She’s a hot shot.


Jayce has had quite the transformation from a simple man in armor to a complex character. His redesign has included his legendary hammer and has given it a background story to add some spice. This champion is likely to become much more popular among League players with upcoming Arcane episodes.

More than just a pretty boy now.


You might want to cherish the redesigned Viktor in Arcane. While he is covered by a suit of armor and a mask in League, he has been redesigned and we are able to see him as an innocent young man in the chase of a dream. Many watchers and players alike have mentioned his soft appearance and he has quickly become a fan favorite, with an immensely interesting backstory and a ton of scientific lore to offer. It is likely that his armored self will make a re-appearance in later episodes, but this is yet to be seen as he is slowly learning to develop new technology.

Wonder what he’ll become?


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Written by Emily Shadel