Top 9 Action Adventure Games of 2021


Beating your high scores or constantly being under attack in a FPS isn’t always the best route. If you’d like some games with a more developed story aspect, here are 9 action adventure games of 2021 to get you going. 

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Far Cry 6

This highly emotional game will have you join a guerilla in the beautiful island of Yara. Spilled with natural wonders, this highly explorable game is lush with gameplay opportunities, extreme missions, rough settings, and extremely memorable characters. Play as Dani and attempt to take down the tyrannical villain, Castillo, who has brought this once serene place into a catastrophic mayhem. 

This is the 6th release of this amazing series.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

This fantasy-adventure game garnered quite some hype with it’s incredible backdrops and promises of thrilling, magic filled fights. It did not let us down, as it is one of the best fantasy games out there with an incredible story. Complete with Pixar-quality animations and graphics, this pick will take you through the adventure of a lifetime as you find your way to the sacred shrine.

Kena Bridge of Spirits key art
Will you reach the shrine?

It Takes Two

This heart-warming tale begins with two parents on the verge of a divorce. Hilariously enough, their daughter magically turns them into dolls. To escape this fate, they must work together in a wonderfully-built experience, leading players through a split-screen journey where they must work together to return to their human forms. Will they be able to re-find their love for each other?

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Learn the true meaning of team-work.


Tales of Arise


Awesome dialogue, great characters, and a spectacular storyline are only some of the mention-worthy aspects this game has to offer. Play in a fantasy quest where your goal is to save the world. Join epic battles against enormous creatures, and enjoy the truly liberating gameplay this tale has placed on the table.

maxresdefault 1
The hero on the cover should already be a reason to get it.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy


With simple, yet meaty levels and a solid storyline, this game has proven itself as an improvement compared to other Marvel releases. Have fun playing as the all-too-well-known Guardians of the Galaxy, and hunt down monsters till the very end. 

EGS MarvelsGuardiansoftheGalaxy EidosMontral S1 2560x1440 e5016495b5181014bf291e4cb65fffa3
Join the hardened world of this well-known crew.

The Gunk


This is an award-worthy, stylized game revolving around a sci-fi universe. You’ll play in third person in an attempt to clean up the gunk, which has taken over a planet full of natural charm. This is an especially appealing game for those looking for a straight-line campaign. 

TheGunk Banner Website
It’s pretty satisfying, believe me.

JETT: The Far Shore


You could say this game gives off Interstellar vibes, with its sublime instrumental music and deep-space exploration. You’ll traverse star-spilled skies and find your way through a new planet. This is a relaxing play with a great action-adventure storyline to give it some additional purpose. 

Make it to the far shore.

Away: The Survival Series


This animal-based adventure game is a unique addition to this list. You’ll experience first-hand what it’s like to crawl in a deep world of survival and natural risks. Hunt, avoid danger, climb, glide, and see for yourself what the world can look like from the perspective of a small creature. Try this unexpected game for its adventurous stealth missions and the up-close exploration of mother nature herself.

capsule 616x353
You might grow more sympathy for the squirrels in your backyard.



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Written by Emily Shadel