‘Trust that it’ll come’: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Star Winston Duke Convinced T’Challa Will Be Recast

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was recently released in theatres, marking the end of Marvel’s Phase 4. The movie was the team’s way of honoring late actor Chadwick Boseman’s legacy as King T’Challa. In one way or another, the movie gave closure to the fans of the character, as well as the fictional people living in Wakanda.

Chadwick Boseman as King T'Challa
Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa

While Wakanda Forever was loved by a majority of the audience, there were some with whom the storyline didn’t fly, at all. Fans called out Marvel Studios for killing off T’Challa when the audience was not done with him. They stated that the studios were a bit too emotional regarding the character and demanded a recast. Although currently there is no plan of recasting T’Challa, actor Winston Duke states that it will happen, sooner or later.

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Winston Duke Believes Recasting T’Challa is a Possibility

Winston Duke as M'Baku
Winston Duke as M’Baku

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In conversation with Esquire, actor Winston Duke who plays M’Baku in the Black Panther movies revealed that he believes T’Challa will find his way to the screens again. He added that the character might be taken over by another actor someday in the future, but for now, he requested the fans to keep Wakanda Forever as a “human experience.”

“There’s no way they’ll never remake Black Panther in the future. There’s no way that the saga and interpretation of T’Challa, King of Wakanda, will end. He is canon. So trust that it’ll come. But allow [Wakanda Forever] to be a human experience.”

Duke believes that the path the MCU is treading on will eventually lead to the audience seeing another actor play T’Challa. By this, he means different dimensions and reimaginations. He stated that the comic book world allows and supports “a diversity of interpretations” that will make everyone happy. Basically, there’s something for everyone. Fans just have to keep their trust in that world.


However, Duke expressed his own views on the whole recasting debate. The Spenser Confidential actor stated on the Jemele Hill is Unbothered podcast that T’Challa’s role was defined by Boseman. Duke said that thinking about a recast, for now, is difficult for him as the role is still “Chadwick’s role” to him. According to him, Boseman’s real-life experiences and thoughts were what made T’Challa, T’Challa.

“I think for this iteration of Black Panther, it’s very hard for me to really comment on something like that, because I’m of the mind that this is Chadwick’s role. Chadwick created this and ‘Black Panther’ wouldn’t be the same without Chadwick Boseman, who stood for the things that he stood for. When you cast a person, you’re also casting their experiences, you’re casting their politics, you’re casting their all of these thing. ‘Black Panther’ was heavily defined by the actor that did it, in my opinion.”

Whether Marvel decides to recast T’Challa or not, one thing that’s certain is that it would be an emotional rollercoaster to see the character once played by Boseman, be played by someone else. It would be especially difficult for the cast and crew of Black Panther as they personally knew the late actor.

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What is the “Recast T’Challa” Movement?

Chadwick Boseman as King T'Challa in black panther.
Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther

The Recast T’Challa movement is fuelled by fans who believe that Black Panther’s legacy is bigger than any actor and that the Wakandan King should’ve lived on, through a different actor. These expectations were trampled on by Marvel executives who have made it quite clear that the recasting won’t happen.

The movement has several petitions, including one made by film critic Emmanuel Noisette, which has tens of thousands of signatures and is only a handful of thousands away from reaching its goal. If this doesn’t speak volumes about how desperately the fans want to see T’Challa on their screens again, then nothing does. Don’t get it twisted though, by T’Challa they don’t mean his son, T’Challa Jr.!

On the other hand, the other half of the fans spoke up about how the audience should respect the team’s wishes, especially since they knew Boseman on a more personal level. They wholeheartedly support the team of Black Panther and were more than happy to see the mantle getting approached by someone else.


While both sides make great points, nothing is confirmed about T’Challa’s recast. Fans will just have to wait and see.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently playing in theatres.

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