Twilight: 10 Super Cringe Quotes That Make The Franchise Even Worse To Watch


Twilight has a particular fanbase, like those who like mushy films (no offense) might love everything about this franchise. However, no one can deny that it is filled with cringe and clichés. Viewers complain of the relationships being toxic, the characters being stupid, and having an overdramatic plot. So to revisit the feeling we had when we first watched them, here are 10 super cringe quotes from the Twilight franchise that make the movies even worse to watch.

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1. When Bella first visits Edward’s house in Twilight, he shows her the place and picks her and starts climbing tall trees really fast. During that scene, we hear a cringe quote said by Edward, “You Better Hold On Tight, Spider Monkey.”

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2. In Twilight: New Moon, Jacob, and Bella catch up and greet each other with a hug and a cringy line, which has also become a meme. “Where The Hell Have You Been, Loca?” It gives the cringe mostly because of the out-of-the-place use of the Spanish word (since none of them were Spanish), and Jacob knew where Bella was all this time and hated her relationship.

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3. The following line from Jacob in Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is more horrifying than cringy. He admits that he was never in love with Bella and that it was just the unborn baby inside her. “Because It Was Her. From The Beginning, It Was Nessie Who Wanted Me There.” 

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4. Edward’s and Bella’s relationship isn’t loved by all the viewers. Some think of it as very toxic, immature, and cringy (of course). It’s all over the franchise, not just the character portrayal but also with the cringy lines. Just like this one, “And So The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb.”

Twilight Soundtrack - The Lion fell in Love with the Lamb - YouTube

5. Throughout the storyline, Bella rejects Jacob and tells him that she is in love with Edward instead. Jacob obviously doesn’t take this well and becomes even more furious when he learns that they both are engaged. Afterward, he decides to join the battle against Victoria and doesn’t care if that kills him. To stop all that from happening, Bella, uncomfortable, asks Jacob to kiss her by saying, “Jacob, Kiss Me!” 

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 2010 - Jacob Kiss Me - YouTube


6. Edward saying that he’s thirsty for her blood and wants to kill her while wants to be romantically involved sounds cringy enough. Despite this, she stays and wants to be with him. He admits that he’s addicted to the feeling and explains by saying, “You’re Like My Own Personal Brand Of Heroin.” Yikes!

You re Like My Own Personal Brand of Heroine

7. The fight between Jacob and Edward over Bella has brought many cringy moments for us. Especially every time Jacob brings this up despite Bella saying no to him. For example, in this scene in Eclipse, where they are in the mountains, Bella is freezing. Jacob volunteers to warm her up by saying, “I Am Hotter Than You,” and Edward, along with us, has to watch it uncomfortably. 

Jacob I Am Hotter Than You


8 It seems like the rest of the Cullens like calling their partners “monkeys.” In Twilight, Bella joins the Cullens for a game of Baseball, and there Emmett climbs up a tree to catch a ball. Rosalie compliments him by weirdly saying, “My Monkey Man.”

Baseball Scene Rosalie

9. The nickname Jacob gives to Bella’s daughter, Renesmee, is weird and cringy enough. But it becomes more embarrassing and weird when Bella realizes it and reacts angrily. She says, “You Nicknamed My Daughter After The Loch Ness Monster?!”



10. Jacob tries many times to persuade Bella and get a “yes” from her, although she has rejected him many times. One such moment in Eclipse when Jacob says, “You Feel Something Else For Me, You Just Won’t Admit It,” brings the cringe.

Jacob Black


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