‘Twilight’ Finds a Strong Fanbase in the Hardcore Prison Community as Teenagers Get Over Their Robert Pattinson Obsession

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke opens up on finding out about a shocking demographic of her film.

‘twilight’ finds a strong fanbase in the hardcore prison community as teenagers get over their robert pattinson obsession


  • Twilight Saga despite all the hate that it received did end up being a successful franchise at the box-office amassing a huge fanbase
  • Though most people think that the fanbase consists of teenages obsessed with Robert Pattinson, that is not mostly the case
  • The director of the first film of the series shared that once an ex-inmate told her that the guys at prison love the movie and watch it all the time
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The Twilight Saga remains one of the most popular movie franchises in the world. The first of the five films was released back in 2008. Since then, every year until 2012, a Twilight movie hit the theaters.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight

It’s no surprise that the franchise has grossed over $3 billion worldwide. The franchise has received love from various demographics. But there is one demographic that director Catherine Hardwicke would never have thought about becoming huge fans of the franchise.

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Twilight Had a Strong Fanbase in the Prison Community

When people talk about the hardcore fans of the franchise, most think of dreamy teenagers who have fallen in love with the insane chemistry of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. However, in a recent episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the director of the 2008 film Catherine Hardwicke revealed that her movie has a huge fan following in the prison community.

This hardcore guy that had just face tattoos, had just been in prison for 10 years, hardcore prison. He goes like, ‘You know, I really like Twilight man, we watch it all the time in prison. All the guys loved it.’

Now, that’s a unique fanbase to have for a movie like Twilight. It just goes to prove that if the content of a film is good, the audience from all sections of society will love and accept it. Hardwicke shared her reaction to the man’s praise in the same interview as well.

I’m like, ‘What?’ I have heard many people come up, everyone loves to come up and say, ‘I know I’m not the demographic, but I love Twilight.’  And then this was hardcore prison. Men’s prison.

When someone pictures a hardcore prisoner covered in tattoos, they assume that their favorite movie would most likely be from the action genre. That is a huge stereotype about prisoners.

Kristen Stewart in Twilight
Kristen Stewart in Twilight

However, Hardwicke’s interview proved that’s far from the truth. It’s great to see the veteran director share stories about The Twilight Saga, every now and then.

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Catherine Hardwicke Gave Birth to One of the Most Popular Movie Franchises of All Time

Considering The Twilight Saga was based on fantasy novels of the same name, it was important to set the correct mood in the movies. Catherine Hardwicke grabbed the essence of the novel perfectly.


Unfortunately, she did not return to direct the rest of the four movies in the movie franchise. While the movies still ended up being a huge success, to this day, many would die on the hill that if Hardwicke had directed all the movies in the series, it would have been even better.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight

Well, Hardwicke didn’t direct all the films in the franchise, but she did give birth to arguably the best film out of the five. If The Twilight Saga gets a reboot in the future, she will be the perfect choice to helm it.

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