Another Twitch Streamer Has Locked Themselves in a Closet for 72 hours for subs/Mental Torture – $0.25 to Flashbang him!

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It looks like Twitch streamers will do pretty much anything to get their hands on money. Apart from have a real job that is. And one streamer going by the name of IZIDORE has taken it upon himself to be locked in a closet for 72 hours and inviting viewers to subject him to physical and mental torture.


There is even a menu with various options which are priced accordingly. Viewers can flashbang the streamer for as little as $0.25 or $2 to hit him with a ping pong ball shooter.

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Is this a new low for Twitch?

We’re not sure how Twitch are allowing this to happen

Watching the live stream on Twitch it really beggars belief as to why someone would put themselves through this. Sure it’s going to raise their profile and probably add several more subscribers but at what cost?

The damage to his mental health with being subject to this for 72 hours will no doubt be completely detrimental and we have to wonder whether he will last the full quota of time. He does state that if he doesn’t last the full time, then he will total his car. I mean, that sounds like a sane thing to do, right?

And this publicity stunt no doubt takes influence from the other stunt pulled by fellow Twitch Streamer Erby, who challenged one of his moderators to stay in a pitch black closet for 3 days. Complete the challenge and they would win a car, sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?


However maybe not as easy as you think. Erby gave viewers the option of gifting subs on his stream to aid the moderator on their challenge but he also gave them the option of making things worse by terrorising the individual. Fair play to them, they lasted a whole 24 hours before quitting.

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IZIDORE is streaming live on Twitch for 72 hours and putting himself through the ringer

And when news broke about this latest stunt, viewers took to Social Media and the views were pretty much universal in condemnation;


“Streamers are resorting to letting their viewers abuse them to make a dollar, what a world.” – @wutaboutJ

“The things people will do for money…” – @DaConstrict

“These guys do the weirdest things, I wonder what runs through their minds” – @EffEmm___

But not everyone was negative in their reactions;

“Wow, that sounds like quite an intense situation. It’s interesting how Twitch streamers come up with unique challenges for their viewers. I hope everything turns out okay for him and his car.” – @Jayecane

Back to IZIDORE, who at the time of writing is approaching the 6 hour mark and has made well over $500. It remains to be seen whether he will make the 72 hour mark but judging by his body language, it seems highly unlikely.

But what’s your thoughts on the Twitch streamer IZIDORE? Do you find this publicity stunt as moronic as we do? Or do you think it is a good way to make money without actually working? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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