Two Unannounced Upcoming Xbox Titles Have Been Revealed

New leak suggests Xbox has few unannounced games up its sleeve


  • Xbox is working on two unannounced games based on licensed IPs
  • The LinkedIn profile of Senior Business Development Manager Kat Carson suggest two unannounced IP based titles
  • The IPs are not yet known but evidence suggests one title could be from Disney
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As if the Microsoft leaks in the last month were not enough, a new leak has now surfaced on the internet, hinting at two unannounced IP titles that are reportedly under development at Xbox Game Studios. According to the information on the profile of Kat Carson, a former Senior Business Development Manager at Microsoft, two IP titles that haven’t been announced yet are in development for Xbox.


Kat Carson was employed at Microsoft as a Senior Business Development Manager from March 2020 until February 2023. In the description of her role, she mentions having worked on an unannounced ID@Xbox and Game Pass title and two unannounced licensed IP titles, among other things, and this has piqued the interest of the gamers.

Two Unannounced IP Titles Are In Development For Xbox

Latest leaks reveal that there are two unannounced licensed IP titles in development for Xbox
Latest leaks reveal that there are two unannounced licensed IP titles in development for Xbox

Kat Carson mentioned having driven the negotiation and evaluation process for Xbox Game Studios products as the primary business development contact for Obsidian, 343i esports, and more. Her profile also mentions that she founded and evaluated new concepts, IP holders, and partnerships in the games and entertainment sectors, and also signed various agreements for new Xbox games.


The massive Microsoft leak in September revealed a lot about what Xbox has planned for the upcoming years, from games to a new console and controller, but it seems like that still wasn’t the full picture. It appears that Microsoft is developing “two unannounced licensed IP titles.” The profile of Kat Carson is working on two mysterious IP titles as well as an unannounced title that’s part of the ID@Xbox indie publishing program.

LinkedIn profile of former senior manager that surfaced online revealed the information
The LinkedIn profile of a former senior manager that surfaced online revealed the information

Carson has mentioned working on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Halo Infinite, Grounded, As Dusk Falls, CrossfireX, and Nobody Saves the World. She also worked on five unannounced 1PP titles that are first-party properties of Xbox Game Studios. Some of these games have likely been revealed since she started working at Microsoft in 2020.

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However, the two licensed IP titles might haven’t been announced yet, as anything unveiled doesn’t fit the criteria of licensed IP games. The only conclusion for that is that the company is still keeping it close to their chests, given that they are not already shelved. Another explanation could be that Xbox is working on its IPs licensed to third parties.

What Could Be These Two Unannounced Licensed IP Titles?

Bethesda is currently working on an Indiana Jones game

The recent Microsoft versus FTC leak also revealed that Bethesda Game Studios is working on a licensed IP title that is scheduled to release in 2024. It was also coined as being based on a Disney IP by The Xbox Two co-host, Shpeshal Nick, but he did not know what that IP was. However, Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax Media, has been operating independently of Xbox Game Studios since it was acquired by Microsoft in 2021.

Therefore, it is unlikely that someone from Microsoft would be involved in its titles. Another Disney IP that Bethesda Softworks is confirmed to be working on is a game based on Indiana Jones. The Indiana Jones game was announced in 2021 and is under development at MachineGames, so it is possible that this could be one of the two games.


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The Executive Producer of Indiana Jones, Todd Howard, also hinted at his plans to reveal the game in 2024 and shared that he is a huge fan of Indiana Jones movies and that Xbox can bring the franchise in a unique way to video games, but didn’t go into details.

Some rumours surfaced last year that a Mandalorian game was under development at Xbox
Some rumours surfaced last year that a Mandalorian game was under development at Xbox

If that’s not it, there were also rumors that Microsoft is working on a Mandalorian title, and seeing that Xbox has done quite several things with The Mandalorian, like consoles and controllers, it wouldn’t be wise to just scrap that idea that there could be a Mandalorian, game in development.


All the subsidiaries of Xbox Game Studios that could work on a game based on a licensed IP seem to have their hands full with game announcements, except the first-party developer Double Fine. Double Fine is best known for Psychonauts and Iron Brigade, among others, but an IP-based game wouldn’t exactly be on par with the games it develops. However, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that it could work on such a game, as its history with Grim Fandango Remastered says that it could do justice to it.

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What are your thoughts about the leak on two unannounced titles for Xbox? What IP games would you expect from Xbox? Let us know in the comments!


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