Ultra Rich Actors That Own Private Islands

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The job of an actor can sometimes be hard. But if an actor makes it big in the industry, they make a lot of money. Some of them get so rich that they can buy a property worth millions in a blink. There are actors who own really costly houses, artifacts, and properties. But can you believe that there are certain actors who own Islands? Yes, there are a few actors who have their own private Islands. Check out this list to find out who they are.


Leonardo DiCaprio has his own Private Island

Leonardo DiCaprio owns private islands
Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most popular and bankable actors in Hollywood. With his popularity comes higher pay. In 2005, the actor had earned enough money to buy his own private Island. He purchased the Blackadore Caye Island off the Belize Coast. He bought it with the plan of building a wellness-focused eco-resort. There were some delays and setbacks, but it was finally given the green flag. According to Bloomberg, the developers were working on a plan to build 36 resort bungalows and estate villas with all facilities. It would be integrating the landscapes and circadian lights with solar panels.

Marlon Brando bought a Private Island

Marlon Brando owns private islands
Marlon Brando

The famous actor and Oscar winner Marlon Brando had bought an Island in 1966. A resort has been built on the Island called The Brando. It is one of the world’s most glamorous resorts. The actor’s children had redesigned and reopened the resort in 2014. It has now become a pristine retreat with privacy. Also, a weekly mixer is organized at the resort. The resort even has exotic restaurants with exotic cuisines available. It is the best escape for people in search of peace away from the public eye and paparazzi.


Johnny Depp fell in love with these Islands

Johnny Depp owns private islands
Johnny Depp

Another big name in Hollywood is Johnny Depp. While he was shooting in the Bahamas for Pirates of the Caribbean in 2004, he fell in love with it. His Island, Little Hall Pond Cay, is an example of a perfect paradise. It is a lovely island with 45 acres of dunes, palm trees lined, and white sand. What more does one need? According to the news, its beaches are named after the actor’s family members and Marlon Brando. And one of the beaches is also named after the famous actor, Heath Ledger. He even hosted a wedding weekend on the Island to celebrate his marriage with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

George Clooney purchased an Island

George Clooney owns private islands
George Clooney

The star with his wife bought an Island in south Oxfordshire on the River Thames in 2014. Also, George Clooney bought it for 10 million GBP, according to Architectural Digest. After buying the private Island the actor has modified it significantly. He got the 17th century remodeled with some modern additions to suit the luxury of today’s time. He got a pool built in there and a home cinema. In addition to that, he got a glasshouse and a private boathouse added. And for the twins, Alexander and Ella, there is a nursery built-in.

Julia Roberts owns a private Island

Julia Roberts owns private islands
Julia Roberts

One of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, Julia Roberts, too, is one of the ultra-rich actors who own a private island. Known for keeping her personal life secret, it is no surprise that the actress also has a private Island. So, the actress has invested in an Island in the Bahamas. Here she can enjoy her private time with her husband and children, away from the eyes of the public. Also, the actress has not revealed the exact location of the Island, keeping her life there a complete secret. That is definitely the best way to take a break from Tinseltown.


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