15 Actors People Say Are “Bad” But Are Super Talented


People often underestimate them, but these underrated actors are super talented actors in reality. Most people hate these actors, but this list will definitely change your mind.

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Below is the list of some of the most underrated actors who are super talented but are not given enough credit for their work.


1. Lili Reinhart


Starting with a young and super talented actor, ‘Lili Reinhart’. People hate her because of her evil character in Riverdale. But she has portrayed the character of Betty Cooper very well, and I don’t think she gets enough credit for her performance.


2. The Entire Cast Of Riverdale

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The entire cast of the show ‘Riverdale’ is so underrated; each and every actor in the show is playing their role so well.


3. Blake Lively

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A super talented actor, but again, the audience misjudge her based on her role in Gossip Girl. But in movies like The Town and A Simple Favor, she’s terrific.


4. Jennifer Lopez

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People often misjudge Jennifer as a mediocre rom-com lady, but she is an amazing actor. She has played many dramatic roles in movies like Enough or Hustlers.


5. Dylan O’Brien

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Dylan is very talented and is capable of playing the roles of a goofy teenager or a murderer on a revenge trip. American Assassin and the TV series Teen Wolf is a must-watch.


6. Zendaya


Her performance in Spider-Man movies and Euphoria is just phenomenal. She is underrated because she has played roles mainly in Disney movies, but there is much more to her than people know.


7. Channing Tatum

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People often think that he is only famous because of his good looks, but in reality, he is hilarious, and he can play dramatic roles very well.


8. Aubrey Plaza

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She has played some great roles like badass heroic characters as well as sarcastic or romantic roles. Still, she doesn’t get enough recognition.


9. Lindsay Lohan


Another underrated female actor who goes unnoticed because of the type of crappy scripts she gets. ‘The Parent Trap’ and ‘Georgia Rule’ are some of her must-watch movies.


10. Dave Chappelle

Everyone knows Dave Chappelle as a funny character, but most people don’t know the serious side. You should definitely watch A Star Is Born.


11. Dakota Johnson

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She’s primarily associated with Fifty Shades, but watch her other movies like Black Mass, Suspiria, and you’ll get blown away.


12. Robert Pattinson

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Robert did steal the show in the movie ‘The King.’ And he is mainly associated with his role in Twilight, but the actor has much more to offer.


13. Kristen Stewart

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Another underrated Twilight actress who has much more to offer but is often misjudged by her earlier performance. She has done a fantastic job in movies like Still Alice and Into The Wild.


14. Shailene Woodley

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Shailene is an outstanding actress who deserves so much more recognition. Her movies like ‘The Descendants’ and ‘Big Little Lies’ are a must-watch.


15. Zac Efron

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Last but definitely not the least in the list of some underrated actors who are super talented is ‘Zac Efron’. An incredibly multi-talented actor who has done many versatile roles but is still underrated.


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