Developers Announce Upcoming Maps for Modern Warfare 3, but are they Enough to Stop it Being the Worst Call of Duty?

The new maps could be seen as a way to placate the fanbase, or simply to diversify gameplay.


  • Modern Warfare 3 is set to introduce three new multiplayer maps and a new map for the returning Gunfight mode with Season One.
  • The game has been heavily criticised on a number of points, especially the reusing of old maps.
  • No concrete date is known, but Season One is expected later this year.
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Modern Warfare 3 wasn’t as well received when it was launched as the developers would have expected and faced much criticism from Call of Duty fans. The game mostly received negative reviews for its campaign and while some liked the multiplayer content, Modern Warfare 3 still failed to impress the masses with some even coining it as the “worst Call of Duty” ever.

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The developers have now announced the Season 1 free content drop that brings four new maps to the game to add fresh experiences for the players. The season 1 content update is expected to drop later this year in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.


Four New Maps Are Coming To Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 is getting three new multiplayer maps and the Gunfight mode with Season 1 launch.
Modern Warfare 3 is getting three new multiplayer maps and the Gunfight mode with the Season 1 launch.

Modern Warfare 3 brought the classic maps from the original Modern Warfare 3 which have been enjoyed by players but the game lacked new experiences. Sledgehammer Games has officially announced three new maps via a blog post and gave the first glimpse of the maps. Three new maps are for the 6v6 multiplayer experience in Modern Warfare 3 and the fourth map will arrive with the 2v2 Gunfight mode.

The new 6v6 maps are called Greece, Meat, and Rio. Greece map is a medium-sized Mediterranean-inspired based on a coastal town with beautiful landscapes and historic ruins, Meat is a “compact” map set around the East Bay Meats slaughterhouse, and Rio is set in a shopping center with bright colors and tight quarters.


Two maps, Greece and Meat will be available with Season 1’s launch and Rio will be coming with the Season 1 Reloaded update that might arrive sometime in 2024. As for the Gunfight map, it will be coming to the game with the new Training Facility map with the Season 1 launch that is expected to drop in December.

The new maps will be coming at the season 1 launch and the Gunfight mode will arrive later with Season 1 Reloaded.
The new maps will be coming at the Season 1 launch and the Gunfight mode will arrive later with Season 1 Reloaded.

Modern Warfare 3 had a rough start with players and critics alike slamming the developers for ruining the franchise. Most of the hate and criticism was directed at the campaign and the reuse of maps. Players accused the campaign of lacking any purpose and the storyline to be hollow and slow, compromising with the character’s potential. The reuse of maps made the players feel like they were playing the same old game, although they appreciated the nostalgia trip.


Modern Warfare 3 was so severely criticized at launch that players even called it the biggest disappointment in Call of Duty history. Players although loved the multiplayer to some extent, did not like the fact that they paid a full game’s price for the content and maps they had already seen. However, the decision to bring some original maps might just do the trick to engage the players.

Sledgehammer’s announcement of three new maps is a positive approach toward addressing the players’ concerns and bringing something fresh to the game and gameplay. The return of 2v2 Gunfight mode has been very popular since its launch in 2019 and it is expected that the Modern Warfare 3 community will be accepting it with open arms.

No specific date has been given for the Season 1 launch.
No specific date has been given for the Season 1 launch.

It is unclear how many maps will Gunfight feature at launch but there could be a few “returning 2v2 maps” from previous COD games. The developers also teased more content coming to the game with season 1 with a special snowy event. The developers stated:

There’s still room for surprises throughout the season including MP Ranked and a special snowy event at mid-season and more. Stay tuned for even more detailed intel in the coming weeks.

The developers have also announced that some new content will also be coming for the 3 Zombies mode and the release of a brand-new Urzikstan map in the game. The Zombies mode will bring new challenges, new weapons, and more. The Urzikstan map will have several new movement mechanics, hot drops, and more.


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