WB’s Wonder Woman Game May Be Yet Another Live Service Title

Warner Bros. will continue to create live service games, one of which looks to be the upcoming Wonder Woman game.


  • Warner Bros. will continue to develop live service games.
  • The upcoming Wonder Woman game will most likely be a live service game.
  • Warner Bros. plans to keep live service alive with its future game releases.
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When it comes to gaming, there are many different kinds of games that are developed, one of which is a live service title. For those who may not know, a live service title is a game that receives constant updates over many years, which helps to progress the story and continue to provide content for players to enjoy.


Over the past few years, this has been a rather common game type that is being developed, but recently this has been slowing down as many game developers have begun to stop creating live service games since they are currently in decline and aren’t making companies as much money as they used to.

Why Is Live Service Declining at the Rate That It Is, and Why Is the Wonder Woman Game Sticking With It?

Warner Bros. plans to commit to live service games for future development
Warner Bros. announced it will continue to develop games with a live service format.

The upcoming Wonder Woman game will reportedly also be live service, as reported by WCCTech. A recent job listing suggests that Warner Bros. and Monolith Productions is in the market for a Lead Software Engineer who has the skill of “helping maintain a live software product or game“. So, it seems that WB. will continue the live service trend in gaming.


At the moment, live service gaming is slowly coming to an end, and games like Destiny 2 are proof as to why live service gaming is a bad idea. Recently, it has been evident that live service games can only last so long, as gamers tend to get bored of the same old content, release periods, and price tags that accompany them.

This has led other companies like Sony and Epic to begin to remove live service from their future games that are currently in development. This is very understandable, as it is also a very frowned upon gaming method among gamers, as they feel they are receiving an unfinished game and are just paying extra to finish a game they already own.


Sadly, it looks like Warner Bros. didn’t get the memo regarding the live service decline, as they have announced they will be doubling down on the GaaS method. This means that there are still plans for any games that are currently owned by WB to most likely be live service games, and they will stay that way for many years to come. For example, the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be highly monetized and will still be developed as a live service title.

Why Is Warner Bros. Attempting to Bring Live Service Back, and Continue This Method with Wonder Woman?

Warner Bros. plans to commit to live service games for future development
According to a job opportunity announcement, the upcoming Wonder Woman game will most likely be a live service game.

Even though live service gaming is dying, Warner Bros. is very hellbent to keep it going, and there are a few reasons why it is attempting to keep it going. Some of the reasons may only be minor, but to a company like Warner Bros., it could mean the difference between a profit or a project sinking.


For example, Warner Bros. is a very big company that owns a lot of very popular IPs, such as Harry Potter, Mortal Kombat, DC, and even Game of Thrones. This leaves a lot of opportunities for Warner Bros., as it will be able to monopolize on these major franchises as there is a lot of expanded lore within these franchises that can be used for future content.

So far, we do not know how much of the Warner Bros. Wonder Woman game will be featuring this live service, but we can only assume that, similar to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, there will be a seasonal pass, costumes to purchase, and most likely post-launch updates.

Since the DCC universe is so expansive, with numerous different storylines and characters that interact with Wonder Woman, it is highly likely that the live service aspect of the game will focus on future content.


As always with superheroes, Wonder Woman has worn plenty of superhero outfits over the years, all of which can be sold within the upcoming game. Even though there will be plenty of options to choose from, many gamers will ignore this option and still go with Wonder Woman’s classic style; however, some gamers do enjoy a change once in a while and may pay the extra for it.

When it comes to live service, future content doesn’t necessarily need to cost money, but Warner Bros. has stated that they are trying to keep the monetization method of gaming alive as long as possible, as they feel they have the resources to maintain this type of gaming development.

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