Valorant Mobile in ‘alpha stage’ Looks Far Better than Any Other Mobile Shooter, Including Call of Duty: Mobile

Riot Games is apparently cooking something good.

Valorant Mobile in 'alpha stage' Looks Far Better than Any Other Mobile Shooter, Including Call of Duty: Mobile


  • Thanks to a picture leaked on X, the Pre-Alpha version of Valorant looks promising on mobile.
  • This project has not had a release date confirmed yet, but players are looking forward to playing.
  • Ferg, a very popular mobile content creator, shows a picture of this Valorant version.
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After the spectacular success of League of Legends, Riot Games has been growing nonstop since then. Tencent owns the majority of this studio, and with the investment, new and exciting projects were launched or are currently in development. One of the other popular games in the company is Valorant, which has a huge community as well.


This first-person shooter mixes mechanics from Counter-Strike and Overwatch in a very dynamic way. Riot Games is working on a mobile version of Valorant, which looks very promising and even better than games like Call of Duty: Mobile.

A New Call of Duty: Mobile Competitor, Valorant, Could Bring a Very Serious Challenge to Activision

Valorant is another successful game from Riot Games
Valorant is another successful game from Riot Games.

Riot Games became an enormous studio thanks to League of Legends, a game that has been released for over 15 years. This free title has conquered the hearts and hours of millions of players around the world. After Tencent bought Riot Games, the studio expanded and released new games like Valorant in 2020. This game is also free and now has its own tournaments in eSports leagues. Valorant aims to open new horizons with a Pre-Alpha of a mobile version of this first-person shooter.


The new pictures shown by a very popular mobile content creator make this version of Valorant look very promising when it is ready. Ferg posted on X a still of the Pre-Alpha Valorant version, and it really looks incredible—even better than other games in the same genre, like Call of Duty: Mobile.

This particular picture of the game is from 4 months ago, and according to some rumors, it was in a low graphics setting. Apparently, Valorant for mobile will be available sometime this year.

Valorant Could Change Things Forever in the Mobile Industry

Valorant Mobile could be released this year
Valorant Mobile could be released this year.

One of the things that Riot Games knows how to do very well is optimize games for PC gamers. Valorant runs very fluently without problems and without almost any requirements. So this very good-looking Valorant version is not surprising coming from a studio like this.


Valorant is currently offering an open beta for the mobile version of Valorant, only for North American players. You can register on the official site of the game. 

Valorant as League of Legends suffers from a very serious issue with an incredible toxic community. Several female players had reported horrendous open chat moments that showed this complicated scenario for this kind of game. Through the years, Riot Games has tested various ways to fight this toxic gaming environment, but they have never been permanently solved. Valorant and League of Legends keep hosting huge events and tournaments all around the world.

Tell us what you think about the Valorant mobile version. Do you think it can surpass Call of Duty: Mobile? Let us know in the comments!


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