Is a Video Game Adaptation of Twin Peaks on the Way?

Twin Peaks

This is quite an unusual one as those who know of Twin Peaks may not have thought a video game adaptation would ever come if it were ever possible. Still, for those who have been holding out hope over the years, there is some good news. It appears a video game adaptation may be coming for Twin Peaks, as hinted by a few different factors.

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What Evidence Points Toward A Twin Peaks Video Game Adaptation?

Is A Video Game Adaptation Of Twin Peaks On The Way
Twin Peaks was a show that aired back in 1990 and developed a major cult following.

So far, all of this information is only a theory that there will be a Twin Peaks video game adaptation, as there have been no official announcements. The first piece of information pointing towards a Twin Peaks game is that a freelance artist/game designer has recently put on their resume that they are “working with Paramount Pictures on a video adaptation of their “Twin Peaks” property.” Since then, all mentions of Twin Peaks has been removed from their resume after this was noticed.

Many fans feel this could be hint towards a video game adaptation, but this is only a theory, as it could also be another revival of the show sometime in the next few years. As one of the shows creators, David Lynch has copyrighted 13 new scripts for a project that is in the works, but is only referred to as a codename which is “unrecorded Night/Wisteria.”

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Even though it has been mentioned on the freelance artist’s resume as a video adaptation, many are discussing whether or not it will be a video game adaptation, or an animated video, that could revive the franchise in a whole new way. Still, for now, no one has any concrete evidence as to whether or not this will come true, but at the moment, a lot of the fans of the cult classic are divided by this news.

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Why Are Fans Of Twin Peaks Divided On A Potential Video Game Adaptation?

Is A Video Game Adaptation Of Twin Peaks On The Way
Fans believe a Twin Peaks game could be in the works.

So far, there is a split among fans as to whether or not a video game adaptation of Twin Peaks is a good idea. Some say if it were to happen they would prefer it to stay away from the original storyline of the show, which aired back in 1990. These fans feel a game wouldn’t be able to do the series justice, and many of the set pieces wouldn’t be possible to emulate within the digital world. 

There are also some who believe if there were a video game adaptation, it would end up being quite similar to Alan Wake in its gameplay and story elements. This would both excite, but also annoy, a lot of fans as there are some who believe it would just be creating Alan Wake 3 without the title. Others believe it could be a unique experience that would be rather fun to play.

Even though fans are divided, there is one thing they can all agree on, and that is Twin Peaks, whether it be a new show, game adaptation, or animation, is a good thing.

Those who love the cult classic are excited to be potentially receiving more Twin peaks from David Lynch and Paramount pictures, but how long they will have to wait and what media it will be brought out in is still under debate.

What do you think about this potential revival of Twin Peaks in a video game format? Would you play a Twin Peaks game? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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