Where Music and Gaming Meet, ‘War of Being’ is the Exciting Brainchild of TesseracT’s Lead Singer

UK-based progressive metal band TesseracT has announced an exciting and innovative new project tied to their upcoming album, War of Being, which blends the artistic mediums of gaming and music together in a fun and exciting way. The game, also titled War of Being, is an adventure game developed in Unreal Engine 5. The album, which will release on September 15, is a concept album that features a deep cast of characters in a unique world that players will get to explore and interact with within the video game.

In War of Being, players will get to explore a surreal world called “The Strangeland.” The game includes “six highly stylized environments” in which players will explore the various concepts featured throughout the album itself. Throughout this world, players will find a cast of weird, unique characters, solve puzzles, and unlock music, including tracks from the upcoming album.

War of Being Creates a Clever Connection Between Mediums

War of Being boasts some beautifully vibrant worlds to bring the themes and characters of the new album to life.
War of Being boasts some beautifully vibrant worlds to bring the themes and characters of the new album to life.

The game is said to be a passion project for the band members of TesseracT, designed explicitly to “create a hypnotic bridge between music and gaming” and allow for a new way for fans to connect with and explore the themes of the music in a new and modern way. War of Being will be available to play in both VR and desktop modes, as well. In fact, lead singer Daniel Tompkins himself acted as the game’s Lead Director and Designer.

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“Gaming has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. From the Sega Master System / Mega Drive and SNES days through to modern-day console and PC gaming, I’ve always found escapism and inspiration by diving into hundreds of titles,” Tompkins says. “I’m a lover of FPS, RPG and Sci-Fi Horror titles such as DOOM to Silent Hill and Resident Evil.”

He goes on to add “Gaming has inspired so many of my musical projects and albums. It’s a dream come true to be able to produce a computer game based upon my own music and it’s such an exciting opportunity to help spearhead a new crossover medium for music and gaming consumption – I can’t wait to see where it leads us.”

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Alongside Tompkins as Lead Director and Designer, War of Being is being handled by a small, independent three-person team that includes Kristy Harvey as the Creative Designer and 3D Artist and Adam Boyt as a key developer, as well.

In addition to desktop and VR support, War of Being is confirmed to run on the popular SteamDeck portable device, meaning players can immerse themselves in TesseracT’s new gaming world anywhere they go at their leisure.

You Can Try War of Being Right Now

A snippet of War of Being is available now through Steam Early Access, including the exclusive early release of TesseracT's new single, 'The Grey'.
A snippet of War of Being is available now through Steam Early Access, including the exclusive early release of TesseracT’s new single, ‘The Grey‘.

One of the most exciting bits of news about War of Being is that it is available right now on Steam Early Access for £4.99. The band intends to crowd-fund War Of Being on Kickstarter. More details about that will be posted to the band’s social media feeds. The game will receive more content including more levels, expanded lore, and a larger narrative as it moves towards its 1.0 launch.

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“The state of the ‘Early Access’ game on release is very much to serve the new single ‘The Grey’,” the band stated in a Tweet. “However, once this phase is complete, we’re going into full production to include the rest of the album and very much extend the game and [its] mechanics.” The new single is being released as an unlockable within the game right now, allowing users to listen to it before it even hits streaming services such as Spotify.

Are you excited by this video game and album fusion? Are you going to try it out on Steam Early Access or support it on Kickstarter? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments down below as well as on our social media feeds!

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