Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls Brings a New Story and Cross Platform Save

Digital Extremes keeps releasing fresh content for a decade-old game.

Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls Brings a New Story and Cross Platform Save


  • Warframe has received yet another update, ten years after its release.
  • Whispers in the Walls is the latest patch released by Digital Extremes.
  • The expansion starts a brand new chapter in the game's storyline.
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For a game that was originally released more than a decade ago, Warframe seems to be showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Ever since its launch back in 2013, it has been constantly receiving updates from developer Digital Extremes, which shows the love and dedication that the team has for its loyal and committed fanbase.

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Just earlier this month, on December 8, the game entered a brand new chapter called Whispers in the Walls, and it promised a fresh storyline of its own while also introducing various other features such as Cross Platform Save that its community had been requesting for a while.


Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls Gets an Official Gameplay Trailer

Warframe's latest update is called Whispers in the Walls and is available now on all platforms.
Warframe‘s latest update is called Whispers in the Walls and is available now on all platforms.

The arrival of the newest chapter update for Warframe, called Whispers in the Walls, was accompanied by an action-packed official gameplay trailer on the game’s YouTube channel. The latest story patch by Digital Extremes was released five days after the footage was shown, on December 13, which, according to the developers, is “The next major chapter” in the action role-playing title.

It is absolutely amazing to see the “sprawling cinematic story” of the decade-old game still getting expansions, but the new storyline is not even the only thing that awaited fans, with numerous significant features also being introduced.


In addition to the plot update for the free-to-play shooter, Whispers in the Walls also finally lets players properly carry out Cross Platform Save, which has apparently been quite a requested feature by long-term fans, especially because of the game being made available on almost every major platform. Along with that, the community also received “the 55th Warframe” called “Qorvex,” with many more elements that Digital Extremes has released to make the experience even better.


The patch has ensured the increased longevity of the third-person shooting title and it definitely feels like this is just the right “time to return to the Origin System!

For those players wondering what exactly the storyline of Whispers in the Walls includes, it deals with a couple of sinister “dueling forces” that have been starting to show up on the surface, and that could never end well. The aforementioned evils are the armies of “Albrecht Entrati and the unknowable Man in the Wall,” and to make matters even worse, something called “The Kalymos Sequence” just got “activated” in the depths of “Necralisk on Deimos.”


The main goal in the latest Warframe update is that players would have to go deep into the suspicious place and check for anything that feels off about Albrecht’s shady “subterranean” lab to find important “clues” about the threatening scenario.

Whispers in the Walls Marks a New Beginning for Warframe

There is definitely something suspicious going on in Albrecht's laboratory, as one can very clearly see.
There is definitely something suspicious going on in Albrecht’s laboratory, as one can very clearly see.

According to the official Warframe website, Whispers in the Walls is “the beginning of” the game’s “next epic chapter,” as Albrecht Entrati seems to be up to absolutely no good with his latest scheme. He claims that people already view him as a “demon,” so he is just going to embrace that fact and become the most “honest one,” with his mind set on proving his true “nature” by doing something extremely evil.


Aside from the new story and Cross Platform Save, the update also brings a lot of other “Rewards” that players can acquire while playing the game.

Whispers in the Walls also brought “in-game alerts” that players should have been on the lookout for and timely completed if they wanted to get access to Sevagoth and other unlockable features. This gameplay element started a couple of weeks ago on December 13th and lasted until December 20th, which let fans create their “own Sevagoth Warframe” while also acquiring “his signature Epitaph Secondary Weapon and Glyph.”


There were a total of four alerts that came with the update, each one having its own set of rewards, such as the Sevagoth Chassis and Epitaph Barrel during Alert 3.

Digital Extremes fortunately realized that not everyone was probably keeping up with Warframe for the past ten years, so to make things easier for new and returning players by helping them catch up with all of the changes that the game has been through, the studio has a “handy guide.” This comes with an extensive Story Recap to bring everyone to the same page in the narrative.


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