Warner Bros. Discovery in Talks to Strike Massive Deal With Amazon to Release DC Animated Projects on Prime Video Despite Having it’s Own HBO Max Platform

Warner Bros. Discovery in Talks to Strike Massive Deal With Amazon to Release DC Animated Projects on Prime Video
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The DC Universe has by far rarely ever disappointed with its animated counterpart. Giving the fans incredible shows such as Teen Titans, Young Justice, and even movies such as Batman: Death in the Family. If there is one thing DCU can always amaze its fans with, it’s the animated projects. Superhero projects are taking a much bigger direction with their animations and the growing audience for it, which was fairly proven by shows outside the DCU such as Invincible. 

DC’S animated shows might soon be on Amazon Prime Video

There has been some recent news regarding a possible agreement between Warner Bros. Discovery and Amazon to shift their animated projects to their streaming platform regardless of them owning HBO Max.

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DC’s Animated Projects To Likely Shift To Amazon Prime

According to Channing Dungey, WBD and Amazon have been conversing about a potential partnership between their animated shows and Amazon Prime Video to expand their viewership and specifically for their animated content. This, however, does not mean that the content would not be released on HBO Max. Rather, there could be a split between platforms and content to expand their streaming opportunities.

Harley Quinn is one of DC’s highly acclaimed animated shows

“With animation, we used to be about staying in-house but now we are doing it on different platforms. HBO Max is the first stop but we are in the process of closing a big deal with Amazon featuring DC branded content in animation.”

Although she stated that HBO Max is their priority focus for streaming, Amazon Prime Video could be their next big deal. This could very well be a big opportunity for the fans to be able to see their favorite animated shows as well as those that are upcoming on various other platforms.

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DC’s Animated Projects Would Now Be Made With A Lower Budget

Seeing this potential deal come into play, there is also a chance, as told by Channing Dungey, that animated projects for DC would now be made with a lower budget. This would be done because although there would be a lesser budget, that does not mean that the project itself would be bad as well.

The Justice League as per DC’s animation

The pandemic had been a great opportunity for them to learn that great things could be made even with limitations. So with this inspiration, DC will now be using a lesser budget, but would still manage to give just as great a quality of shows and movies for their animated universe.

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Source: Deadline

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