Mike Flanagan Becomes Favorite to Direct a Horror Themed Clayface Movie Connected to Matt Reeves’ The Batman Universe After Horror Maestro Expresses Desire to Take on Iconic Villain

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Mike Flanagan, who co-created and directed Midnight Mass, expressed his interest in doing a Clayface movie if given an opportunity by DC. Clayface is a prominent villain of Batman in the DC comics, however, his character has not yet received a live-action project in the DC Universe. The idea of Flanagan taking up on Clayface arose when he responded to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter.


While there are various iterations of Clayface in DC Comics, any one of them has a probability to appear on CW’s Batwoman which initially cast Ruby Rose as the leading character.

Stephen King and Mike Flanagan.
Stephen King and Mike Flanagan.

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Mike Flanagan is ready to take up Clayface

Mike Flanagan, who is well-known for his excellent story-telling in horror movies, seemed up for a chance at helming Clayface from DC Comics if given a chance. The Doctor Sleep director mentioned his interest after being inquired by a fan if he would take a DC project on Twitter.

Clayface is one of Batman’s prominent foes appearing in the DC comics in multiple iterations. He first appeared in Detective Comics #40 (June 1940) as a foe, having his plans foiled later by Batman and Robin. The character of Clayface has, however, not made it as a live-action film in the DC Universe, nor are there any confirmed plans on going ahead with it.

Clayface and Batgirl
Clayface and Batgirl

On being asked for updates on that matter, Flanagan replied negatively.

“They didn’t bite on that one, though I’m ready to go anytime,” he replied.

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Mike Flanagan taking up Clayface would be great addition to Matt Reeves expansion of the Batman universe.

Why Mike Flanagan would be great for Clayface

Mike Flanagan has quite a success working on horror films. The actor started his debut with Absentia and went on to do very big films in the horror genre, with the debut film gaining popularity after Netflix offered it on their streaming services.

Shows like The Haunting of Hill HouseThe Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass has made quite a name for Flanagan in the industry.


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Remembering Clayface is a monster with shape-shifting abilities, the decision of handing the helm of Batman’s nemesis to Mike Flanagan, who specializes in horror, would be a good one. The director could create a engrossing backstory for the antagonist, while also focusing on his present to make it deliver to its potential.

Mike Flanagan

It could only be an anticipated hit for the DC Universe if Clayface does end up being adapted for the big screen under the guise of Mike Flanagan.


Flanagan’s Midnight Mass can be streamed currently on Netflix.

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