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WB Reportedly Wants to Sell DC – James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy to Repeat Zack Snyder’s Colossal Mistake

WB Reportedly Wants to Sell DC - James Gunn's Superman: Legacy to Repeat Zack Snyder's Colossal Mistake

With James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy waiting in the queue to start its filming and production, the potential DC movie appears to be making headlines for several reasons. The movie previously got slammed for featuring David Corenswet as Superman instead of OG Henry Cavill. Further, Gunn’s upcoming film appears to be causing more controversies following its alleged surge in characters. 

James Gunn
James Gunn

According to the tweet from YouTuber Syl Abdul, James Gunn appears to be taking orders from David Zaslav who has been pushing Warner Bros to add more characters to the upcoming Superman movie. Thus, it appears that DC might be set to ruin its potential epic film – Superman: Legacy, by repeating Zack Snyder’s colossal mistake from Batman vs Superman of adding more characters.

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James Gunn Is Set To Repeat Zack Snyder’s Mistake 

While Marvel has been effortlessly playing with its characters for decades, DC has been trying to do the same. Previously James Gunn tried to feature numerous characters in Zack Snyder‘s Batman vs Superman, in an attempt to compete with Marvel. However, in doing so, they clearly destroyed the epic movie which had enough potential to excel in the superhero universe. 

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder added numerous characters in Batman vs Superman

Yet again, James Gunn appears to be repeating Snyder’s colossal mistake of adding more characters to the movies. According to YouTuber Syl Abdul, the writer, and Gunn were set to create a simple storyline for Superman: Legacy until they received orders from the hierarchy to throw in more characters. 

James Gunn
Gunn is set to repeat Snyder’s mistake in Superman: Legacy

Syl Abdul tweeted,

James Gunn originally aimed for [Superman: Legacy] to be simply a superman story, and it still is BUT the inclusion of this already full DC world backdrop seems to have been pushed by Zaslav.

Revealing how DC has been allegedly preparing to add more characters into David Corenswet featuring Superman: Legacy, Syl Abdul mentioned James Gunn’s boss David Zaslav is taking action. 

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David Zaslav Reportedly Prepares To Sell DC 

While the speculation about James Gunn trying to throw in more characters under David Zaslav’s orders makes headlines, Syl Abdul’s tweet creates more controversy as he alleges that Zaslav might be out to sell off DC. Instead of learning from their previous mistake of ruining Zack Snyder’s Batman vs Superman, as DC prepares to add more characters in Superman: Legacy, Abdul alleges that this is just a way to attract a potential buyer. 

Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav
David Zaslav might be preparing to sell DC

Recalling how WarnerMedia’s merger with Discovery left David Zaslav with a heap of debt to deal with, Syl Abdul alleged, “This film is Zaslav’s way of ‘showcasing’ the DC world to [a] potential buyer”. Making a hard-to-overlook point in his tweet, the YouTuber rang some bells for netizens as he recalled DC’s sale when the CEO pledged to get the cash flowing at the company again, years ago. 

Although previously when Disney came as a potential buyer for DC, David Zaslav adamantly mentioned, “We are not for sale, absolutely, not for sale.” However, currently Syl Abdul believes Zaslav is trying to sell DC, by marketing the characters. Finding it difficult to manage the taxes and debts, James Gunn’s boss reportedly appears to be putting the characters on show, through their movies, in order to attract a potential buyer. 

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