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‘We are boycotting this movie’: James Gunn Removing Henry Cavill’s Superman, The Rock’s Black Adam and Casting Wife Jennifer Holland in Shazam 2 Sparks Nepo Baby Debate

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James Gunn upon arrival in DC completely reshuffled the universe by removing Henry Cavill from his Superman role and Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. They purged Zack Snyder’s SnyderVerse and made a statement about creating a new Justice League. Some say James Gunn and Peter Safran have arrived at the correct time to save the dying universe, while some disagree.

Amidst all this shuffle from SnyderVerse to the Bible, James Gunn’s wife Jennifer Holland has already appeared in multiple movies and is also said to star in the upcoming Shazam movie, Shazam! Fury of The Gods, the sequel to the first movie released in 2019.

Jennifer Holland and James Gunn
Jennifer Holland and James Gunn

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Gunn’s Wife Jennifer Holland Stars In Multiple DC Movies

James Gunn after removing Henry Cavill from Superman and Dwayne Johnson from Black Adam has shifted his attention to creating the Shazam sequel. It was reported that in the post-credit scene of Shazam! Fury of The Gods, Jennifer Holland will be reprising her role of Emilia Harcourt. Harcourt is an agent who works under Amanda Waller and is tasked to monitor Task Force X.

Jennifer Holland Peacemaker
Jennifer Holland

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Emilia Harcourt played by Jennifer Holland first appeared in 2021’s Justice League and then in Peacemaker, a tv series created by James Gunn in January 2022. She also appeared in one of the scenes of Black Adam, and DC fans are infuriated about her upcoming cameo in the Shazam sequel. Holland’s cameo will be in one of the post-credit scenes where she will be recruiting Shazam into the Justice League.

DC fans are currently very upset with James Gunn as it seems that he is using his power over the DCU to introduce his wife in as many DC movies as he wants, while the fan-favorite cast of Superman – Henry Cavill was removed without a second thought along with Johnson. It seems like a typical case of nepotism as fans are calling him out for this reason.

James Gunn Hit With Nepotism Claims

James Gunn in his DC projects is including his wife, Jennifer Holland as a medium to connect various characters and plots together. Though it is a good thing for the DC universe, fans are flaming Gunn because the one doing it is his wife. Hence many fans are calling out James Gunn for nepotism and recently after the Cavill incident fans have taken to social media to share their opinions.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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Even though Jennifer Holland is a fine actor and has been cast in very famous movies, her cameos in the DC films seem out of place because of James Gunn. Logically there was nothing wrong with the purpose of her role but fans are believing that it had something to do with James Gunn.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will hit theaters on March 17, 2023.

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