“We decided it was too different”: Not Chopper, One Piece Live-Action Had to Skip Another Favorite Animal Character to Focus on Luffy and Zoro

Not Chopper, One Piece Live-Action Had to Skip Another Favorite Animal Character to Focus on Luffy and Zoro
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One Piece is among the “big three” of old-generation shōnen and, with its live-action produced by Netflix, is considered one of the best live-action adaptations ever created. Season 1 of the series covered the intense action, engaging storyline, and the depth of the characters excellently. 

Netflix One Piece
Netflix’s One Piece

With the contribution of Mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, and the entire team, One Piece live-action has truly set an example of how live adaptations should be done. The showrunner Steven Maeda recently shared about Shushu the dog in an interview with ScreenRant.

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What fan-adored animal did Netflix’s One Piece skip on?

Shushu (Chou Chou) from One Piece
Shushu (Chou Chou) from One Piece

Maeda opened up about Shushu, the fan-favorite dog, being present in the story of One Piece, with the entire development, but those scenes were never filmed.

“We had a fully broken Shushu story,” he told ScreenRant and added,

“It was slightly different than the manga story. At the end of the day, we ended up separating it out of this version of the story, and we never actually shot it. We had a scene and an arc with Shushu and Zoro, and it was very different. And ultimately, we decided it was too different.”

“We would have loved to have the Shushu story in there,” Maeda admitted. “But it’s more important to have Zoro be with Luffy and Nami when they are encountering Buggy as opposed to being off on a separate side story. I love Shushu, and I have three terriers of my own. So, I definitely have a soft spot for the Shushu story.”

Shushu, pronounced as Chouchou, is a tiny guard dog who protects his late Master’s pet food shop in Orange Town. Despite being a fur ball, this character has bonded quite well with the viewers because of his loyalty and devotion towards his Master, Hocker. Fans were even more engrossed in character when Buggy’s Pirate crew invaded the town, and everyone scattered except this little good boy.


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Is Tony Tony Chopper joining the Straw Hats for Season 2 of Netflix’s One Piece?

Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece
Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece

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In the interview with ScreenRant, Maeda also covered another fan-favorite character, who is part of the Straw Hat Pirates, Tony Tony Chopper. He started off by telling ScreenRant, “First off, it’s just such an out-there larger-than-life creation. He’s a talking reindeer who also wants to be a doctor and can change sizes. It’s like, who could come up with that? Only Oda-san and be able to make it work in the context of the story.” 


Tony Tony Chopper is the doctor for the Straw Hat Pirates. He became a part of the crew towards the end of the Drum Island Arc in the manga.

“I also love [Tony Tony Chopper’s] backstory,” Maeda expressed his feelings towards the character and added in his interview with ScreenRant,

“The backstories are so much a part of who these characters are so that you understand where their pain comes from, where their anger comes from, where their goodness and their sweetness come from, sometimes. I just love the Chopper story so much and the idea that you have all these human characters, and oh hey, by the way, there’s a talking reindeer. And he’s so damn cute, too. So it’s just a nice combination for me.” 

Eiichiro Oda, the Mangaka of One Piece, teased about this character being included in the live-action after confirming the second season of Netflix’s One Piece.


Source: ScreenRant


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