‘We Expand Out….Take it Up a Notch’: Marvel’s What If Director Bryan Andrews Says Season 2 Will Introduce New Heroes as Members of ‘Guardians of the Multiverse’

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Marvel’s What If…? director Bryan Andrews recently discussed the upcoming season of the show and what to anticipate in an interview. He claims that the developments and ideas we might see in What If…? season two will completely shatter our heads!


Additionally, he provides more detail on how they will be taking on an increasing amount of responsibility in the upcoming season, why the emergence of numerous Marvel movies has made their tasks easier, and how many new characters will be introduced.

What If?
What If?

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What If…? On Disney+

The What If…? series from Marvel has a truly original idea. The animated series merely adds a small variation to the tales of several Marvel heroes.

The show’s premise revolves around a specific aspect in each episode where the typical plot involving Marvel heroes is completely altered by changing just one, tiny detail. Nine episodes make up the entire season, which saw the introduction of numerous new characters. What If…? didn’t hold back in any way when it came to awesomeness, from including Captain Carter in the game, to eliminating all of the Avengers.

Marvel What If Poster
Marvel What If Poster

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What If…? Season 2 And Director Bryan Andrews

During an interview, the series’ director Bryan Andrews shared a few details regarding season two.

The director claims that Marvel President Kevin Feige gave him the order to “keep it a little closer to the vest” yet having it finally tie everything together.

“The first season Kevin [Feige] wanted to keep it a little bit closer to the vest, have a little thing that was different and that little thing made these things different, but still tied very much to either a moment in the movies or a particular film itself.”

When discussing season 2 of What If…? the director admitted that since Marvel has now released more movies, they can use more materials in place of fleeting moments to produce stronger and crazier episodes. He also disclosed that working with some of the characters they will be unveiling is quite uncommon and exceptional.

T'Challa As Star Lord
T’Challa As Star Lord

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“Now there’s more films and things to pull from, so we don’t have to just have a tiny moment.”

“We expand out and things can get a little bit wackier. We take it up a notch in season two and then in season three we just go even wackier. In season two, we have different characters that we haven’t really got a chance to play with before and we see how they’ll integrate with some of the favorites that come back.”

In addition to all of that, he also revealed to the audience that some of the concepts they would be filming for season two were actually intended for season one but were deemed to be too early.

You can catch season one of What If…? on Disney+.


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