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We Found 10 Plot Holes In ‘The Office’

We Found 10 Plot Holes In The Office

Making a comedy show with 9 seasons is no easy task. It’s next to impossible to have not a single error. The Office was a show that had innumerable improvised and funny one-liners. Take a look at 10 plot holes that we found in The Office:


1. Who started working first? Jim or Pam?

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Plot Holes In ‘The Office’

In The Office season 2, Jim admits that he had a crush on Pam when she first started. In season 4, Pam reveals that she had warned Jim about Dwight when he first started.


2. Graphic design to IT?

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Plot Holes In ‘The Office’

In season 4, “Job Fair” the job recruiter who tells Pam about Adobe for the first time, also plays Nick the IT guy for Sabre, just 2 years later in the episode “Sabre.”


3. Jim Carrey in The Office universe?

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Plot Holes In ‘The Office’

Michael loves Jim Carey as he mentions it in several episodes, including “Back from Vacation” and “New Boss.” Yet no one recognized him when Jim Carrey showed up in “Search Committee.”


4. Dunder Mifflin Cleaning Crew

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Plot Holes In ‘The Office’

In “Night Out” the cleaning crew for the building peaks Spanish to Oscar, then later on in “St. Patrick’s Day” the cleaning crew is Russian and blasting music. Then in episode “Halloween”, it’s another different cleaning guy with no music.


5. Dwight Doesn’t Get Sick

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In “Health Care” Dwight claimed that he has never fallen sick as he has a perfect immune system. In “Christmas Party” he instead claimed that he gets frequent sinus infections, and uses a neti pot for relief.

6. Andy’s double parents

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Andy’s parents are shown briefly in “Goodbyee Toby” after Andy proposes to Angela. Their screen presence for those 2 seconds must not have been enough as they were replaced later In the series by Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace


7. How Long Did Michael Date Carol?

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Carol when leaving the Diwali celebration says, “This is our 9th date, Michael.” In season 7 “Sex Ed” Carol claims that Michael proposed to her on their 4th date


8. Micahel’s Soft Teeth

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In “Dinner Party” Michael has to dip his Osso Bucco into red wine because he has “soft teeth.” In “Benihana Christmas” he steals steak off of another guest’s plate and eats in without dipping it into anything, Steak is chewier than something braised, that’s some rapid tooth softening Michael undergoes.


9. Michael Can’t Ride A Bike

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On “Benihana Christmas” Michael rides his bike into the office to donate to the toy drive. However, in Season 7’s cold open for “The Sting,” Michael doesn’t know how to ride a bike.


10. Dwight’s Nephew

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In the episode “” from season 7, Dwight runs Hay Place for some quick money and interacts with a Iittle boy, whom he apparently doesn’t recognize as his nephew. In Season 9 episode “The Farm,” the same boy plays Dwight’s sister’s son.


Did we miss any? Share in the comment section below!


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